Paraguru Fedez gives lessons without studying

Paraguru Fedez gives lessons without studying
Paraguru Fedez gives lessons without studying

Art, commitment and 21 grams of happiness Verses of denunciation and verses denounced censuraFedez Lega Ferragnez SbirriInfami # MaCheCa ** oDiMusicaè? There are many artists who influence political life in the world. Taylor Swift, George Clooney, Mia Farrow … And then there we are, with Levante, Willie Peyote and Fedez, featuring Chiara Ferragni.

What then, if you think about it: as if it were the singers and influencers’ fault if today they appear more credible than politicians. But the real question is: are the followers who have developed a fine political conscience or the voters who have reduced themselves to Instagrammers? When politics stops showing, it is the show that becomes politics. “Let’s go to govern!”

In a syncopated era, tum-cha tum-tum-cha, in which monologues (sometimes boring) prevail over beautiful songs, exchanging popularity with authority and likes with votes is a moment (or an attic?) . And so, when politics disappears, only propaganda and social media marketing remain. These are the great social issues reduced to commodities: the streaming of good feelings and Moet sciandon. But do civil rights or product placement pay more? DdlZan CocaCola # occult advertising Codacons #VotaFerragnez

And so one day we woke up to discover that Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are our Royal Couple. Then two tweets were enough to elevate them to Anna Kuliscioff and Filippo Turati.

Democratic Socialism 2.0, Lamborghini Huracán and transatlantic cruise. Communists on the Rex.

On the one hand there is Chiara Ferragni: every time she attacks the League – fashion luxury TotalLookDior AbbassoSavini strengthens the alliance between the 5 Star Movement and the Democratic Party. On the other hand, Fedez, a little Saint of the People and a little Political Activist, who rides the anti-Renzism back with easy populist rappers that catch consensus that however work well on the very young, and it is also for this reason that Enrico Letta aims to extend the vote for sixteen year olds. In one fell swoop the electoral base was expanded and the tickets for the next tour increased FedezLive Pd # M5s SalviniPuzzone And then everyone from D’Urso.

Someone said that for the insults and incitement to hatred contained in his songs Fedez deserves years of hard prison, for the musical quality a life sentence. We absolutely don’t think so. We are guaranteed.

On the other hand: now rapper is a difficult word to pronounce without blushing. Better influencer. When icons of wealth become political myths, and vice versa. Is this why Luca Sofri and Natalia Aspesi like Fedez so much? Millennials and #RadicalChic

In a world of Rocco Casalini, be Fedez. Rich, famous and much more credible than RenziPagliaccio politicians

In reality there is little to laugh about, even if certain Buccinasch teen-star looks in short. The empire of Fedez – which is 31 years old but bears twelve – is a bit like that of Berlusconi in the heyday: a corporate party. In the sense that he does business – giornalistirosiconi # GiùLeManidaFedez and at the same time a direct on Instagram is enough to change his mind to the Democratic Party. «No okay but the line drawn by Fedez is very nice!». “But which? The line of lurex jackets? ». “No, the one on DdlZan.”

“Why hasn’t anyone told Flavio Briatore yet, / that walking around in a sarong is a bit of a ricchione?”. Good life. And it is nice to be able to say “At 19 you are different people”, “Some things today I would not do the same again”, “They were other years”.

Years pass for everyone: even we who write, to say, once did the portraits of Eco and Vattimo And now of Scanzi and Fedez

Federico Leonardo Lucia by birth and Fedez by rebirth, is from Milan, a year of poor grace – a year of walls and squares – 1989; he grew up in Buccinasco but the origins are in Castel Lagopesole, one of the hamlets of Avigliano – which has 652 inhabitants, the number of followers that Ferragni collects while doing her nails – in the rustic land of Potenza, therefore Lucano. What more do you want from life? Success, fame, money, Music Awards, Platinum, Sanremo and X Factor. He was very good: he had them. “We fuck a lot of stuff.”

Digital pioneer, extraordinary creator of crowdfunding, disobedi @ nte of luxury of the global village, he is the right person of his time. Unfortunately, times are wrong.

Yesterday Paolo Conte, Battisti and De Gregori. Today Mika, Fedez and Achille Lauro. Believing in progress is tough.

But then the limit is not the lyrics, or the rhymes. They are the basics. And not musical. His live lesson Zan – it cannot be denied – lacked flow but above all a minimum knowledge of the subject. They say “total legal illiteracy” LGBT Parliament AiutiamoIBimbiAcambiareSesso Ok, Boomer

May 1st, two TV series, Rai3, 400 hundred complaints from Codacons, 5 Stars and six albums, Fedez is for Equality and Dignity, but cannot criticize banks and multinationals (buy on Amazon and ship with FedEx). He sang homophobic lines, but the problem is Salvini. He joked about “killing a cop” and “rape Moratti” but he is moral about legittimadifesa and LegaAssassina. Post a clown emoji and dress up as Fedez. Celebrate the Stop Global Warming and go off with the private jet BelloFareIFighiColGreenDegliAltri. J’accuse: «Being on the side of what works. The crafty life of influencers ». Being social and in bad faith.

Fedez begins where reason ends. Ferragni, a woman of little faith. Profession of faith. Mysteries of faith Autodafédez. Electrorap is a dogma of fedez, consistency a taboo.

Tattoo, Versace pants, Satan Shoes, Fez and black shirt – “I don’t care!” Federico Leonardo Lucia in Ferragnez poses as an anti-system rebel when he has the whole system (media and Big Tech) on his side. The unsolvable paradox – from which one does not come out with a freestyle – of those who aspire to the consensus of the world they would like to overturn. The problem is that a Fedez tuit makes 20 / 30k hearts in one day. This is our bubble. Let’s hope it doesn’t break out sooner or later

Showbitz, pop refrains, Instagram stories, vilification of the Armed Forces and abuse of Auto-Tune, for Fedez the right battles, from DdlZan to 194, are the new frontier of the counterculture of struggle and government-Dragons, then just post SalviniBuffone and we cleanse our conscience. Stereo-types. The revolution is not a gala dinner, but not even an experience at Cannavacciuolo. “Solidarity with comrade Fedez, Cuba & griffe, the vanguard of the fight against Nazilegism!”.

Recently on TV, which is not the Facebook page of the Ferragnez but still has its own authority, we heard a politician say – presaging the arrival of the Ferragnez in Parliament – “Fedez and Ferragni will be the new Beppe Grillo”.

They are entrepreneurs like Berlusconi, influencers like Zan, social heroes like Salvini and city leaders like Renzi. It can be done. What was the title of that song by Fedez that I like so much? Vote yes to say no. #I want to go away

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