The pads for the green pass? In Parma you can do it for 15 euros

The pads for the green pass? In Parma you can do it for 15 euros
The pads for the green pass? In Parma you can do it for 15 euros

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July 31, 2021 09:44 am

The swabs to get the Green pass? In Parma and its province the average price for carrying out the rapid antigen test – at the pharmacies of the city and province – is 15 euros, as indicated by the Emilia-Romagna Region which, unlike other Regions, has established a fixed reference cost, to try to keep prices under control and thus incentivize the use of swabs. The tests are valid for 48 hours: for which a Parmesan – not yet vaccinated or who does not want to get vaccinated – will have to carry out at least the rapid antigen test and – obviously in case of negativity – will be entitled to the Green pass, to enter swimming pools, gyms, restaurants and bar indoors.

The Green pass is in fact issued to those who have been vaccinated against covid – even with a single dose, for at least 15 days – to those who have recovered from the disease in the previous six months and to those who have obtained a negative result in the molecular or rapid antigen test.

The duration of the green certification in case of recovery is six months from the date of “recovery” from the covid, nine months after completing the vaccination cycle with the second dose. In the case of swabs, the certificate will be really provisional because it will be valid for 48 hours from the execution of the test.

In short, those who are not vaccinated with at least one dose will have to go to private laboratories and pharmacies for a rapid or molecular test, paying out of their own pocket. The price of a quick swab varies from region to region: it ranges from 15 euros in Emilia-Romagna, which has established a fixed cost, to 40 euros in a private laboratory in the center of Milan. On average, 20-25 euros are spent, while for a molecular test it goes from 70 to 100 euros.


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