which Regions can lose the white zone due to increased hospitalizations

which Regions can lose the white zone due to increased hospitalizations
which Regions can lose the white zone due to increased hospitalizations

For the moment, no Italian region will lose the white zone, but in the coming weeks the situation could change: the increase in infections and hospitalizations in some territories is starting to worry. In particular, the situations most at risk are those of Sicily, Sardinia and Lazio (but also of Calabria and Campania): the fear is that they may enter the yellow zone towards the end of August.

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The contagion curve rises and the government thinks of a strategy to run for cover. The decree with the news on the green pass should arrive next week, which could also become mandatory for boarding airplanes, ships and trains. Furthermore, measures are expected for returning to school in September, with the discussion still underway on the compulsory vaccination for teachers. In the meantime, however, the risk of a return to the yellow zone for some regions: thanks to the new parameters, the loss of the white zone was avoided for the territories that exceeded the weekly incidence of 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Now decisive are the data on hospitalizations, which at the moment are still under control, albeit on the rise. However, the situation is worrying in some Regions where not only the incidence rises but also the number of beds occupied in the medical area and in intensive care. The risk, according to some forecasts, is that after Ferragosto in some regions the restrictions of the yellow zone may return.

The Regions with the highest incidence of infections

The regions in which the risk is highest are those in which the incidence has already exceeded 50 cases weekly: since the last monitoring, published yesterday, there are eight. It is about: Emilia Romagna 71, Lazio 87, Liguria 53, Sardinia 136, Sicily 80, Tuscany 94, Umbria 81, Veneto 81. The national incidence stands at 58. None of these Regions, however, has exceeded the thresholds set for hospitalizations: it is not possible to go beyond 15% of the beds occupied in the medical area and 10% in intensive care.

Regions that risk the yellow zone

What is worrying is the trend of hospitalizations, constantly growing. To risk more is the Sicily, where admissions are 8% in the medical area and close to 5% in intensive care. Another territory in which the yellow zone could approach is the Sardinia, where it exceeded 4% both in the medical area and in intensive care. The third region to worry the most is the Lazio, where 4% of the beds occupied in the wards have been reached and just under 4% in resuscitation. Then there are two territories that have not exceeded the incidence of 50 weekly cases, but have values ​​that do not leave them calm for hospitalizations: Calabria and Campania. In Calabria the medical area is occupied for more than 6%, the intensive care is over 3%. In Campania, on the other hand, hospitalizations in wards are almost 5%, but the situation of intensive care is less worrying: under 2%.

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