the photo of the sick daughter getting off the jet, haters silenced


Bonolis’s wife, backed by Tommaso Zorzi, softens the controversy and shows a shot of Silvia as she is getting off the private plane

Published on July 31, 2021

Sonia Bruganelli goes to counterattack, after having run into yet another controversy over the private jet (for some summer now the wife of Paolo Bonolis, very active on social media, post photos on Instagram in which she portrays herself on a private plane while going on vacation). This time the entrepreneur did not speak to the haters, inviting them not to bother and remembering that in the end she spends her money as she sees fit, not weighing on the state coffers (this gloss was made in recent days). This time he photographed hers daughter Silvia, explaining that the choice to travel on private flights also depends on the fact that the girl has mobility problems.

Sonia, somewhat unexpectedly, has published a snapshot in the past few hours in which she showed her daughter being helped to get off the jet. “When you are“ in disguise ”for the private plane, know that it is also a way to make life easier for Silvia. Who among you would not do it if he could? “. This is the caption accompanying the shot.

Under the post he also showed up Tommaso Zorzi, friend of the Bonolis-Bruganelli family. “I lived there closely and I know the commitment you put into it to shorten the distance between Silvia and the life of all the others. And anyone who does it, regardless of the means, deserves respect. Say hello to my Silvietta “, wrote the winner of Big Brother Vip 5, addressing Sonia and her daughter. Bruganelli warmly thanked: “Hello our love”.

Silvia, daughter of Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli: the girl’s motor problems

Silvia, 18 years, when she was born she had complications that left her with damage. TO Beasts, Rai Due program conducted by Francesca Fagnani, recently Bruganelli explained in detail what happened when her first child was born. The girl was born with a problem severe cardiac, which is why she immediately underwent a surgical operation which however resulted in triggering motor damage.

I woke up one morning in a hospital and they took my newborn daughter away from me because she needed to be operated on – explained Bonolis’s wife -. After the operation she had brain hypoxia which resulted in motor damage. He only had heart damage that had been fixed with the operation. Unfortunately, the surgery was so complicated that he suffered a heart attack and neurological damage, fortunately not cognitive “.

Today Silvia, fresh from the age of majority, “it is recovering, but it is not autonomous “ added Bruganelli. It’s still: “I wondered why her. I always wonder. But I see her happy, content. More serene than the brothers. Each of us wants to be happy and she is, so that’s okay. However, I always struggle. I hear people in such situations talking about having received a gift. Absolutely not, it is not a gift ”.

Even Paolo recently spoke about his daughter, explaining that over the years she has undergone a long rehabilitation process, made up of sessions of physiotherapy e speech therapy, improving a lot. The host stated that the girl, for him, is “pure light “, always able to smile at life and be grateful.

Bonolis had five children: the first two, Davide and Martina, were born from the marriage with the American psychologist Diane Zoeller; then came Silvia, Davide and Adele Virginia, born respectively in 2003, 2005 and 2009 from the wedding with Sonia.

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