Berlusconi Trophy, Monza-Juve 0-2: Allegri goes with Ranocchia and Kulusevski

Berlusconi Trophy, Monza-Juve 0-2: Allegri goes with Ranocchia and Kulusevski
Berlusconi Trophy, Monza-Juve 0-2: Allegri goes with Ranocchia and Kulusevski

Without Ronaldo, Dybala and McKennie, Juve also won the second friendly of the season: he unlocks the Under 23 midfielder, the Swede seals a brilliant performance with a goal

by our correspondent Fabiana Della Valle

July 31
– Monza

The second was also good, but it was worth a trophy: the 25th Berlusconi was raised by Juventus in front of a thousand spectators and under the eyes of Adriano Galliani, who, however, was unable to be angry with his friend Max Allegri. In the second test of the season the bianconeri beat Monza 2-1 with a goal in time: baby Ranocchia, author of the 1-0, and Kulusevski shine. The hosts reopen the game too late (42 ‘st) with D’Alessandro.


Allegri confirms the 4-3-3 of the first exit with Cesena but this time in the starting eleven there are only three players from the Under 23, Ranocchia, Soulé and Brighenti. In the first half there is room for Szczesny, Demiral, De Ligt, Ramsey (in play version), Rabiot and Kulusevski, all returned after their commitments with the national teams. Like Ronaldo, who resumed last Monday, however, remained at Continassa to work, because for his 36-year-old physique, a poor week is evidently too little not to run the risk of getting injured. Also missing are Dybala, who is disposing of a fatigue, and McKennie, not summoned for a problem in his left hamstring.


It starts immediately with a test for the reflexes of Szczesny, reactive on the shot of Gytkjaer in the first double opportunity for Monza (on the countered Brescianin sparacchia alto). Juve, however, found the right corner in the 12th minute thanks to Ranocchia, who uncovered the square where Di Gregorio could not reach. The young midfielder of the Under 23 (2001) is one of the liveliest together with Soulé, so much so that a few minutes later the two pack another scoring opportunity, which the other baby Brighenti wastes badly. Monza dances with the defense three set by Stroppa, making his debut on the U Power Stadium bench, you can see that they still need to work on it and Juve try to take advantage of it, but miss the knockout blow before the interval.


Instead, he finds it in the second half, when Fagioli (for Ramsey), Rugani (for Demiral) and Perin (for Szczesny) immediately enter: this time the signing is the only big player in the attack, who takes advantage of an error by the Monza defense to pack the doubling (7 ‘). Allegri soon replaced him (after having made him play everywhere in front: first on the left, then on the right and finally center forward) and closed the race with the trident baby Felix Correia, Marques, Aké. Few useful information from the nationals, who are still behind. Ramsey from play does not shine and Rabiot still does not have the right leg to do what the coach wants, that is to insert himself. Young people, on the other hand, all want to show off and some (Minetti, Fagioli and De Winter, in addition to the aforementioned Ranocchia and Soulé) are promising. Knowing Allegri, he would have preferred to avoid D’Alessandro’s goal in the final, who had already had the opportunity for 2-1 a few minutes earlier.

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