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Covid, vaccines and infections: the point in Brescia and in Italy

Covid, vaccines and infections: the point in Brescia and in Italy
Covid, vaccines and infections: the point in Brescia and in Italy

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Increase of new Covid cases in Lombardy. According to the data provided by the Ministry of Health, the infected registered in the last 24 hours are 777, an increase compared to 678 yesterday but with a higher number of swabs performed: 39,400 and which produces a slightly increasing positivity rate of 1.97%. Almost deaths stable, 4 (+1).

The healed are 138, the currently positive registers an increase of 635 with a total number of 10,862. Slight drop in hospitalizations in ordinary wards where to date there are 206 places occupied (-5), even lighter the drop in intensive care, 25 (-1) with 1 admission. Finally, 10,631 people are in home isolation.

As for the provinces, there were 231 in Milan, 57 in Bergamo, a Brescia 37, in Como 63, in Cremona 30, in Lecco 8, in Lodi 15, in Mantua 46, in Monza and Brianza 47, in Pavia 28, in Sondrio 3 and Varese, finally, 161.

Vaccines in the Brescia area

With over the 60% of the population over 12 fully vaccinated, the role played by vaccines in keeping hospitalizations and deaths low is crucial. Most of the cases reported in Italy in the last 14 days are unvaccinated subjects. Through its weekly monitoring, the Higher Institute of Health estimates a strong risk reduction effect, starting from that of a positive diagnosis that reaches 95%, the same percentage as the risk of hospitalization.

Risk reduction of entry into intensive care is 97% he was born in 96% for deaths.

The contagion in Italy

I’m 6,513 the positives ai test Covid identified in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 6,619.

I’m 264,860 molecular and antigenic buffers. It had been yesterday 247.486. The positivity rate is 2,4%, down slightly from 2.67% yesterday.

I’m 214 hospitalized patients in intensive care with the Covid in Italy, 13 more than yesterday in the balance between income and expenses. The daily admissions, according to data from the Ministry of Health, were 25. Patients with symptoms in the ordinary wards are 1,851, 39 more than yesterday.

I am instead 16 the victims in one day, two less than yesterday.

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