Unione athei gives Lego kits for the alternative hour of religion. Snadir: shows inability to suggest valuable content, we distrust principals

The initiative of the UAAR, the Union of Atheists and Rationalist Agnostics, has been discussed, which has decided to give the interested state secondary schools some Lego kits for teaching linked to science and robotics. The kits are intended for lessons involving pupils who use alternative teaching to the Catholic religion

It was possible to participate in the initiative until 10 July. The UAAR has already made available the list of award-winning schools.

The free choice of students and families must always be respected, in one sense and another, which is why among the training contents for the alternative discipline to the teaching of religion, issues such as human rights, environmental protection, peaceful coexistence between peoples, intercultural dialogue, etc.“, Comments Orazio Ruscica, Snadir National Secretary.

“It is therefore certainly an original initiative that of the UAAR which in support of the alternative activity to teaching the Catholic religion, has committed 70,000 euros to assign 175 kits designed for learning teaching related to science and robotics in the range of age 11-14“, continues Ruscica.

But for the Snadir “an ‘in-depth study’ of scientific subjects must be addressed to all students and not only to those who choose alternative teaching to the Catholic religion. These activities are configured as strengthening activities, therefore they are to be considered common to all pupils, similarly to what happens for curricular ones.

Schools need economic resources, but the public school must look for these resources in its budget to activate training courses which, if shared and approved by the collegial bodies, must then be supported with the teaching tools identified by the teachers and guaranteeing their availability to all. the schools. In this regard, we distrust school administrators from arranging these activities only for non-users, since this measure would create discrimination between those who use the teaching of the Catholic religion and those who do not use them.“.

And he concludes: “Clearly the idea of ​​offering themes and contents for the alternative activity to the CRI other than the disciplinary area of ​​the humanistic / philosophical / social sciences shows the inability to suggest valid contents equal to the high cultural value of the teaching of religion“.


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