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Merkel wins, Draghi better than Macron, badly Sánchez-

Merkel wins, Draghi better than Macron, badly Sánchez-
Merkel wins, Draghi better than Macron, badly Sánchez-
from Irene Soave

The chancellor the Italian premier are the only ones to reach the sufficiency in a hypothetical report card signed by the voters

Europe will regret Angela Merkel. If a year and a half of the pandemic has reshaped political trends and the popularity of Union leaders, to get out better the chancellor: the only one, with Mario Draghi, who today reaches the sufficiency in a hypothetical report card signed by the citizens. Failed all the others.

The president of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen, face of the EU institutions and above all of the unitary vaccination campaign, also promoted (with a minimum) testing ground for pro-European sentiments. The data comes from the first report of the Euroskopia network: six research centers in Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Poland, the five countries with the greatest demographic weight, plus Austria. In Italy, the survey was developed by Swg.

The average vote for Angela Merkel of 6.41 out of 10, and the Germans give her 6.15. Only Austrian and Polish critics. Second, Mario Draghi: the average vote of Europeans of 5.73 and for Italians 6.46. Insufficiencies, at home and abroad, for Emmanuel Macron, Pedro Snchez, Sebastian Kurz, Mateusz Morawiecki. The worst was the Spanish premier: Europe gives him 5.27, fellow citizens 4.26. Von der Leyen is not a prophet at home: in his Germany which has the lowest grade, 4.71. The figure of the strong man seems to have lost his luster: Europeans evaluate under 5 Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Jair Bolsonaro (last with 3.26). Joe Biden the only non-EU leader to exceed 5 (and promoted: 6.21).

Perhaps it also weighs in praise to Biden management of the vaccination campaign, which started in the US with a sprint that Europe has not replicated (recovering in the long run). 35% of Europeans think they have done better than us. The most applauded on the issue was Boris Johnson, who also staked everything on AstraZeneca, the formula on which the drug authorities and European public opinion have often divided.

And right on the unitary vaccination campaign – when signing the contracts for the first vaccine supplies, the Member States agreed to form a purchasing group managed by the Commission – that the feelings of EU membership are put to the test more. They think 44.4% have been managed well or very well; the rest are critical, even though around 40% believe the Commission has done better than China, Brazil and Russia.

But one question seems to reveal cracks. If each country had managed the purchase of vaccines on their own – the researchers asked – do you think that the quantity of doses available in your country would be greater, less or the same? The Italians respond with gratitude: only 29% would have done better. And – despite the country’s widespread anti-Europeanism on issues such as the rule of law – the Poles: 53.6% believe that Poland alone would have bought fewer vaccines, and 64% that the EU has done well or very well . Similar results will be given in the research by the questions on funds for reconstruction (to which the Courier service will dedicate space soon). Only 1 in 5 Spaniards, and a little more in France, think their countries would have done better.

The response of the Germans, on the other hand, was bitter, whose government almost guided the European team in the negotiations (also financing the conversion of new Pfizer-BioNTech plants). 56.6% believed that without Europe Germany would have had more vaccines. And 70.7% believe that the Commission has managed the purchasing campaign badly or very badly.

July 31, 2021 (change July 31, 2021 | 22:40)


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