Tokyo 2020, swimming: extraordinary bronze for Simona Quadarella in the 800 sl | News

Very good third place in comeback for the Roman, who climbs on the Olympic podium with a time of 8’18”35. The American Ledecky wins; second position for the Australian Titmus

Simona Quadarella hits the bronze medal at Olympic Games. After the disappointment in the 1,500, the European swimming champion is also very strong Tokyo 2020 Games and, in her debut in five circles, she was beaten in the 800m freestyle final only by the American Ledecky and the Australian Titmus: 8’17”35 the time of the blue. Third place well deserved for the Roman, who comes back after a complicated start of the race.

Tokyo’s Aquatics Center will not yet be dyed green, red and white; but Simona Quadarella wins a very precious (and well deserved) bronze medal in the 800 meters freestyle. The 1,500 are forgotten. The Roman swimmer redeems the disappointment she suffered three days ago and in the final she proves to be a warrior in the water. Quadarella is the author of a complicated start to the race: it does, in fact, let off steam Katie Grimes, goes to overtake her in the middle of the race and puts the right space between herself and her rival to prevent the American from returning. Grimes has a great finish, but the blue at the end trims them over a second.

Simona Quadarella’s character is impressive. It was not easy to get up after fifth place in the 1,500. Yet our compatriot is there on her second attempt to get on the podium on the occasion of her first ever participation in an edition of the Olympics (not youth). The time set is 8’18”35. It was very difficult to be able to compete in the Japanese morning for a gold: the American won the final Katie Ledecky (8’12”57). The silver goes to the Australian Ariarne Titmus, who with her 8’13”83 sets the record for Oceania. Too little, however, to worry the American.

“Before entering the pool I said to myself: ‘I have to go home with a smile, so either take the medal or take the medal’. I put my heart, soul into it, I did a race with my head. It was difficult, but I’m glad I got this medal. It is worth more than anything else ”, reveals a radiant Simona Quadarella at the end of the race. “It was difficult, but I felt lucky to have had this opportunity to seize”. This bronze “makes me happy: he is sweaty after so many years of work”.


Tokyo swimming extraordinary bronze Simona Quadarella News

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