Covid, outbreaks in vacation spots from islands to mountain valleys-

Covid, outbreaks in vacation spots from islands to mountain valleys-
Covid, outbreaks in vacation spots from islands to mountain valleys-
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Contagion increases in Versilia and Romagna, in Salento and on the Circeo. Clusters identified after a wedding in Tuscany and after parties in the Treviso area. In Friuli a nightclub closed after an evening: 55 were infected

Wherever you live at night, go to clubs, party and stay late. Covid confirms itself as archenemy of social life and in fact spreads in tourist resorts more frequented by young people. From the 70 positives of the Pantelleria party, passing through the 9 of the campsite in Lazio, it attacks the Circeo and the Romagna coast, replicates itself between the provinces of Ragusa and Caltanissetta and does not spare Salento or Triveneto. the continuously updated map of the holiday clusters. The outbreaks that, despite the appeals, it is increasingly difficult to trace why tourists there are many, why they move and why often they do not cooperate so as not to ruin the holidays for others.

The yellow of Sardinia

A yellow one from the Forte village of Santa Margherita di Pula, in the province of Cagliari. The resort, exclusive and luxurious, in short, not an easy place to gather, has recently hosted a film festival in which many celebrities from the world of entertainment have lost part. An actor, returning to Rome, had a positive result. From here the contagion alarm among the VIPs. The organizer of the festival, Tiziana Rocca, excludes it, who assures that her guests were negative to the swab both on arrival and on departure. The presence of Claudia Gerini at the Forte village, an actress who just a few days ago said she was not vaccinated not because she is against it but out of fear, has thickened the rumors.

Versilia and Romagna

That the virus circulates on the legs of tourists is found through the increase in cases in some areas that have always been a destination for holidaymakers: Versilia and Romagna. In Viareggio and Pietrasanta the highest number of positives of the 111 identified in 24 hours in the not extended provincial territory of Lucca. The phenomenon is more serious in Romagna where the the province of Rimini registered 516 cases in seven days against 166 in Ravenna and 89 in Forlì, e Riccione alone has an incidence of cases, compared to the inhabitants, more than double the regional average.

Campers in quarantine in Lazio

Also in Lazio there was an outbreak whose numbers could still grow in the phase of sweeping assessment promoted by the Region. So far i There were 9 positive guests at the Sant’Anastasia campsite in Salto di Fondi, while 63 are in quarantine. But a screening for all 500 people staying there is scheduled for Monday. Meanwhile, due to the mayor’s ordinance, the yellow zone camping: entertainment activities suspended, swimming pools closed. There is also concern about the number of infected people in San Felice al Circeo and Ponza.

The peaks in Sicily and the clandestine infections of Salento

Cases multiply on the Gargano, in Mnfredonia and Vieste (province of Foggia), and in Salento. In Gallipoli there are many positive young people, often living together in groups in apartments. It is difficult to reconstruct the chains of contagion due to the omission of those involved, says Alberto Fedele, head of the prevention department of the Lecce ASL. The positives are growing in the islands that were covid free at the beginning of the season: 15 in Stromboli, 70 in Pantelleria, all infected during parties and evenings. The numbers of the provinces of Ragusa, where cases have doubled in ten days, and Caltanissetta are worrying. In Gela, the mayor canceled the summer demonstrations and reintroduced the obligation to wear masks from 7pm to 5am.

Closed disco in Friuli, contagions at parties in the Treviso area

A nightclub in Roveredo in Piano, in Friuli, is closed for 75 days for non-compliance with the anticovid regulations. On one evening, they are 55 children infected. The place had already been closed, for the same reason, in May. Two outbreaks identified in the Treviso area: 45 boys got infected in two rooms. it was a wedding party that caused another outbreak, in Tavernelle Val di Pesa, in the province of Florence: twenty positives, for now, but the tracing is only at the beginning. In Valle Aurina, South Tyrol, 26 children between 11 and 14 years old, who took part in a summer camp, and seven adults, who accompanied them, were infected.

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