Davide Cassani, the mess of cycling at the Olympics. The reasons for the break with the Federation- Corriere.it

Davide Cassani, the mess of cycling at the Olympics. The reasons for the break with the Federation- Corriere.it
Davide Cassani, the mess of cycling at the Olympics. The reasons for the break with the Federation- Corriere.it
from Marco Bonarrigo

Sign the convocations of all national teams but was repatriated after the road tests. Bugno and Bramati are possible substitutes, but there are many obscure points

After their competitions, all the technicians must leave Tokyo: the Olympic rules. Cassani is no exception. The? I am a team manager of the national team and therefore I am staying. Very embarrassed, Roberto Amadio (former director of Liquigas di Basso) tries the same to clarify the case that shocked the Italian cycling on Friday: the early return of Davide Cassani to Italy accompanied by a sibylline Lascio earlier than expected, he will explain why. We remind Amadio that Cassani – before being coach of the road – director of all the blue teams, he signs every call-up and has been following the athletes for seven years from the first to the last dayor at Games, World and European Championships. For me – the reply – Davide is only the coach of the road.

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from Roberto Amadio that it is necessary to start to reconstruct a sensational Olympic exemption live than to discuss the notoriety of the character Cassani. Elected by surprise in March, the new federal president Cordiano Dagnoni has never made any secret of wanting to renew the technical sector but has been very nuanced about the current selector, the creature of his predecessor Di Rocco and disliked by those – among his supporters – who believe it. too centralizing and presentialist. For the former rider, a role of ambassador was assumed – very similar to a benservito – to be proposed to him in September, after the European Championships in Trento and the World Championships in Belgium.

On the other hand, 40 days ago, the appointment of Amadio a team manager of the national teams, a position exactly superimposed on that of Cassani, whose contract expires on 30 September. Irritual appointment accompanied by the decision to accredit the Romagna player in Tokyo only as a technician (with the pass expiring after the time trial) and not as a team manager. The heated discussions of these days in the blue hotel would have precipitated the situation. To celebrate the (desired) medals of the runway will be Amadio and Dagnoni who yesterday denied the allegations by specifying that the return of Cassani was agreed, the plane tickets are made months before (but Amadio in office for only 40 days, ed) and in these Olympics the places are limited.

Cassani will now have to decide whether to accompany the national team until September (probable) or to interrupt the relationship. In charge since 2014, he has never won a Pro Road World Championship (but was second with Trentin in Yorkshire) for he collected titles in all the other categories, combined the road and track sectors, invented the national teams of the day at the calendar races, procured most of the current federal sponsors thanks to excellent personal relationships.

Who will replace him? We talk about Gianni Bugno, underwear by Dagnoni, but the former Brianza champion has zero experience in the flagship. It also promises, for the first time in Italian history, a token coach only for World and European Championships like Davide Bramati. But the excellent ds of Deceuninck the strategist of many opponents of the Azzurri (from Alaphilippe to Evenepoel) and his choice would create big conflicts of interest. More acceptable is a mature classical selector such as Beppe Martinelli or Roberto Damiani, two of the most respected Italian technicians on an international level.

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