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3.53 In the second battery of the 100 women’s obstacles, our Luminosa Bogliolo starts in the first lane.

3.50 Costa Rican Vargas is first with a time of 12.71. The Dutch Visser, the American Cummingham and the British Sember also qualified.

3.47 Immediate false start! However, none have a reaction time of less than 100 thousandths. There is no penalty.

3.45 The first battery of the women’s 100m hurdles starts: there is no blue.

3.43 Another mistake for the American Ludwig at 5.65: the American risks premature exit.

3.40 Soon it will be the turn of Daisy Osakue in Group B of the shot put to look for the pass to the final.

3.36 In about ten minutes the five heats of the women’s 100m hurdles will be staged: our Luminosa Bogliolo is committed.

3.33 The Kenyan Korir (1: 45.33), the Polish Borkowski and the American Hoppel qualify for the final. Therefore, the heats of the men’s 800 meters are closed.

3.30 The last battery of the men’s 800 meters starts to decree the last qualified for the semifinal.

3.27 The French Lavellenie advances in the pole vault. The transalpine who seems to be in trouble is not giving a great impression.

3.24 In the final the Mexican Lopez with a time of 1: 46.14. In the semifinals also the Belgian Crestan and the Pole Dobek. Fall for Dominica’s representative, Dennick Luke.

3.21 Fifth and penultimate heat of the men’s 800: the repechage times are defined with greater precision.

3.20 Duplantis enters the race after an error: there is 5.50, the Swede puts things right.

3.19 No one in the discus throw has reached the 64 meters that give direct qualification to the final.

3.17 Nijel Amos qualifies for the semifinals with a time of 1: 45.04. According to the Kenyan Saruni, the Spaniard Ben is third.

3.14 The fourth battery of the men’s 800 meters is starting.

3.12 At 3.55 am the second group of the discus will also begin where the blue Daisy Osauke will also be present.

3.09 Fall for the representative of the Refugee Team Chiengjek who was hit by the Spaniard Ordonez and practically put out of the race. The American Murphy (1: 45.53), the British Rowden and the Tunisian Ayouni qualify.

3.06 The third of the six men’s 800-meter heats will start shortly where we won’t see any blue at work.

3.03 Even the stars can stumble! Armand Duplantis misses the first attempt at 5.50!

3.01 Qualification for the Canadian Arop with a time of 1: 45.26 in front of the Bosnian Tuka and the French Tual.

2.58 The second battery of the men’s 800 meters starts: still no blue at the start.

2.56 OUT OF STICKS! The third jump was also bad: the injuries and the lack of preparation for these Olympic Games cost them dearly.

2.55 ANOTHER ERROR FOR STICKS! This time the blue went closer to making the measurement, but it just touched the bar just enough to take it down.

2.53 Rotich qualifies for the semifinal with a time of 1: 43.75. The Australian Bol and the British Giles also get the pace.

2.51 The first battery of the men’s 800 meters starts with no Italian at the start.

2.49 The Polish Wojciechowski is also wrong at the first measure.

2.47 BAD PART OF STICKS! He was unable to climb the blue who slowed down too much at the end of the race and did not gain momentum. And still we are only at 5.30 …

2.45 To reach the final qualification in pole vaulting, you have to go up to 5.80. It will not be easy for Claudio Stecchi.

2.42 When throwing the discus, to go directly to the final it is necessary to measure at least 64.00. The Croatian Perkovic (63.75) and the German Pudenz (63.53) are approaching.


2.37 Muhammad sets the time of 53.97 and qualifies for the semifinal together with Krafzik, Sprunger and Linkiewicz.

2.33 Last battery of the 400 women’s hurdles that sees the Norwegian Kloster, the American Muhammad, the Algerian Benhadja, the German Krafzik, the Cuban Hechavarria, the Slovak Zapletalova, the Polish Linkiewicz, the Swiss Sprunger at work.

2.30 First position for Femke Bol who practically stopped running in the final (54.43). Belle, Nel and Turner also take off the pass for the semifinal.

2.27 FAKE START AGAIN! EXPELLED WHYTE! Reaction time under one cent is not allowed and therefore you have to start again.

2.25 Armand Duplantis begins to heat up, but in the meantime the penultimate battery of the 400 women’s obstacles is about to start. In the race the Jamaican Whyte, the South African Nel, the British Turner, the Australian Carli, the representative of Barbados Belle, the super Dutch Femke Bol and the Swiss Giger.

2.20 Bad crash for Jessie Knight after a few meters! The British tripped alone. McLaughlin, Woodruff, Petersen and Nugent qualify. Sesta Marchiando who probably will not qualify.

2.18 The Ukrainian Mykolenko warned that she moved too early.

2.16 False start! Evidently there was some suspicious movement, but reaction times are normal.

2.14 Eleonora Marchiando will hold the Italian colors high in the third battery of the women’s 400 hurdles. With her the British Knight, the Ukrainian Mykolenko, the American McLaughlin, the Jamaican Nugent, the representative of Panama Woodruff, the Vietnamese Quach and the Danish Petersen.

2.10 BIG COMING BACK OF LINDA OLIVIERI !!! FOURTH POSITION AND QUALIFICATION IN THE FINAL, EQUALING THE PERSONAL RECORD TO 55.54. Ryzhykova from Ukraine, Russell from Jamaica and Couckuyt from Belgium also qualify.

2.07 In the second battery we will see our Linda Olivieri at work together with the Ukrainian Ryzhykova, the Canadian Montcalm, the Brazilian Da Silva, the British Beesley, the Finnish Lehikoinen, the Jamaican favorite Russell and the Belgian Couckuyt.

2.03 Only fifth Pedroso! The blue has slowed down significantly in the final straight and scores a 55.57 and is currently the first repechage time. The first four are already in the semifinals: the Ukrainian Tkachuk, the Colombian Gonzalez, the American Cockrell, the Canadian Watson.

2.00 We start immediately with a blue in the race: Yadisleidis Pedroso is engaged in the first battery of the 400 obstacles together with the Qatari Jamal, the Colombian Gonzalez, the Belgian Claes, the Norwegian Iuel, our Pedroso, the American Cockrell, the Canadian Watson and Ukrainian Tkachuk.

1.58 There will be an Italian to play the final in the women’s 100 meters: it is Anna Bongiorni who qualified for the semifinals coming third in drums.

1.55 Today in the evening three finals will be staged: that of the men’s discus throw to assign the medal, the mixed 4 × 400 and the women’s 100 meters.

1.52 The morning program will only be an approach to what we will experience in the evening session, starting with the highly anticipated 100-meter heats that will see the debuts of Filippo Tortu and Marcell Jacobs.

1.48 Elisa Maria Di Lazzaro will also disengage in the women’s 100 hurdles in the fourth battery.

1.45 In the shot put qualification we will find our Daisy Osakue: the 25 year old from Moncalieri will try to beat her personal best at 61.69.

1.42 At 3.53 it will be the turn of Luminosa Bogliolo: the Turin-born will try in the second battery of 100 obstacles to break the Italian record, often touched in the last three years.

1.39 There is also expectation for the pole vault: to represent the Italian colors we will find Claudio Michel Stecchi. Armand Duplantis, an image man of athletics in these Olympic Games, will also make his debut.

1.35 The program will begin with the heats of the 400 meters hurdles: Yadisleidis Pedroso, Linda Olivieri and Eleonora Marchiando in the race. The goal for all three is to improve and reach the semifinals.

1.32 Good night or good morning friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the second day of athletics competitions in these Olympic Games in Tokyo. This morning the batteries are on stage.

The summary of the evening session of the first dayThe summary of the morning of the first dayHow does Italy present itself at the Olympics?

Good night or good morning friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the second day of athletics competitions at the Tokyo Olympics. The blue stars of speed take to the track: Marcell Jacobs and Filippo Tortu. There will be at least 11 Azzurri in the race.

As in the first day, it will start at 2.00 am with the morning session that will see the heats of the women’s 400 meters obstacle course, the qualifications of the women’s discus throw, the men’s pole vault, the men’s 800 meters heats. , of the women’s 100 meters hurdles, the preliminaries of the men’s 100 meters. Engaged three blue in the 400 meters hurdles: Eleonora Marchiando, Linda Olivieri, Yadisleidy Pedroso. In the women’s discus throw there will be Daisy Osakue, in the male pole vault Claudio Stecchi and in the women’s 100 hurdles Bright Bogliolo ed Elisa Maria Di Lazzaro.

In the afternoon there will be other heats, as well as the finals. In the women’s 100 meters we will see at work Anna Bongiorni after the excellent heat played yesterday and Elena Bellò in the 800s. There will be the debut of Filippo Randazzo in the long jump, but above all of Marcell Jacobs e Filippo Tortu in the 100-meter heats: for both the declared goal is to hit the Olympic final. There will be three finals: that of the men’s discus throw to assign the medal, the mixed 4 × 400 and the women’s 100 meters.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE on the second day of athletics competitions at the Tokyo Olympics. It starts this morning at 2.00 and then continue in the afternoon from 12.00 Italian time. Have fun and happy Olympic Games to everyone!

Photo: Lapresse

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