CEO Yves Guillemot responds to the letter of protest from employees, reassuring them –

CEO Yves Guillemot responds to the letter of protest from employees, reassuring them –
CEO Yves Guillemot responds to the letter of protest from employees, reassuring them –

Yesterday, about 500 developers and ex-developers of Ubisoft have signed and published a letter of protest against Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and the entire gaming industry, relating to the poor working conditions and the systematic harassment that many developers (primarily women) have had to suffer over the years. Now, the CEO of the French company, Yves guillemot, he answered with a email, shared on Twitter by Stephen Totilo.

Here you go translation of the email sent by Guillemot:

Hello everybody,
As many of you know, an open letter signed by current and former Ubisoft team members was published yesterday. For those of you who haven’t seen it, you can find the article here along with our external statement. This letter expressed strong support for the developers of Activision Blizzard and called for large-scale change in our industry. It also raised concerns about Ubisoft and our culture. We have reviewed this letter as a leadership team, and we take the issues it raises seriously. For this reason, I want to personally reaffirm our commitment to create real and lasting change in Ubisoft.

We have done important progress in the last year. Since last summer we have implemented new anonymous reporting tools, renewed our HR processes including new global policies to prevent and manage discrimination, retaliation, harassment, installed a new code of conduct, launched mandatory training, established a group of content review and we are bringing new leadership into major studios, HR, D&I, Editorial and Production. These are important steps forward, but this is a long process, and there is even more work to be done. Yesterday’s letter expresses the concern of employees who want to make Ubisoft a better place.

We clearly understand from this letter that not everyone has trust in the processes that have been put in place to handle reports of misconduct. This is a top priority for Anika [ndr. Anika Grant], which continues to ensure that these processes are robust and independent. In addition to our current processes, we are recruiting a new VP Global Employee Relations.

I have always appreciated the free expression at Ubisoft, and I strongly believe that this is fundamental for us. That’s why we launched more than 300 listening sessions with more than 1500 team members last year, as well as the company-wide survey and global audit. The feedback from these initiatives has been invaluable in moving our plan forward, and we will be offering new sessions for all of you to share additional thoughts and feedback on these topics. A new company survey (formerly known as Express Yourself) will be launched before the end of the year. We will also continue to strengthen our Employee Resource Group (ERG) network, creating more visibility and support for leadership to continue bringing new ideas and initiatives to the table.

You can expect another update in the third quarter, including the next steps on the Valori project, D&I and our HR roadmap. I encourage you to continue sharing your feedback and experiences; you can reach out to me personally, talk to your management or share comments about Mana. The entire leadership team and I are committed to building a better Ubisoft for all of us.


At this address, however, you can read the original letter from Ubisoft employees. Tell us, what do you think of Guillemot’s answer?

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