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SITUATION. An unstable first impulse in transit Friday it has reopened the way to the humid and unstable flow from the west, driven by a vast low pressure sack deepening from the North Atlantic towards southwestern Europe. It will condition the weekend time in the North and on part of the Center for the passage of rains and thunderstorms that may be locally very intense in the northern regions, with large hail and storms. A marked variability will also involve the central regions at the end of the week with some showers, while Southern Italy will continue to be protected from the increasingly hot African anticyclone, con stable weather and temperatures even above 40 ° C. Here is in detail what will happen over the weekend:

WEATHER SATURDAY. Initially sunny day over Italy except for some thickening already in the morning on the Alps and especially between Piedmont and Liguria. As the hours go by, instability increases in the alpine areas where they will trigger scattered showers and thunderstorms, tending to become strong in the evening over Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, upper Lombardy and the Alto Adige train, locally accompanied by hail with possible storms. Some rain is coming up to Liguria and west Emilia, dry to Romagna and lower Veneto. The good weather over the rest of Italy with clear skies clouded by some veils or high stratifications on Sardinia and the central Tyrrhenian. Rising temperatures in the South with peaks of 42 ° C on the inland areas of Ionian Sicily, 40 ° C on those of Puglia, Basilicata, upper Calabria and southern Sardinia.

Italy weather Saturday

WEATHER SUNDAY. A certain variability takes over in the morning in the Northwest with bright spells alternating with some showers or thunderstorms, conditions perturbed on the rest of the North with rains and thunderstorms even of strong intensity on the Triveneto, locally accompanied by hailstorms and storms. However, it will be a matter of localized and not homogeneously distributed phenomena, very strong in some areas and decidedly weaker in neighboring ones. Some showers or thunderstorms also on Liguria and Emilia Romagna in extension to part of the central regions, especially to Tuscany, sporadically up to Lazio, Umbria and Marche. By evening phenomena in attenuation with bright spells also large arriving in the Northwest and on the high Tyrrhenian Sea. The good weather in the South and in Sardinia, even with the passage of some harmless veiling. Temperatures decreasing in the North, Sardinia and the upper Tyrrhenian Sea, with a further slight increase in the South with peaks of 42 ° C on the inland areas of Puglia, Basilicata, upper Calabria and Ionian Sicily.

Italy weather Sunday
Italy weather Sunday

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