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UnaPera is born, a business network representing 70% of Italy – Agricultural World production

UnaPera is born, a business network representing 70% of Italy – Agricultural World production
UnaPera is born, a business network representing 70% of Italy – Agricultural World production

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 30 – The process of relaunching the pear started in Ferrara where UNAPera was set up, a limited liability consortium between 25 companies – 13 producer organizations and 12 non-ops – which represent over 70% of pears marketed on the Italian market in the last three years and more than 55% of the national export of this fruit. It starts from Emilia-Romagna – cradle of Italian periculture, where the cultivation of this fruit is worth 35% of the fruit and involves 15 thousand employees – a project that is unprecedented in the history of fruit growing in our country.

“We are 25 companies that have been promoting the pear product for years, but have now decided to do it together – comments the president of UNAPera, Adriano Aldrovandi – The establishment of the new company is the first step to develop the Aop and from next week the recognition process. It is a project of national importance but with a strong link with the territory, it is an open project and in fact we plan to involve other realities in the coming months. We want to guarantee the future of periculture in Emilia-Romagna and the neighboring areas by thinking to the entire supply chain, from production to marketing, to all related industries. The goal is to raise the quality of pears for consumption, accompanying it with a new approach to the market capable of qualifying and segmenting the offer “.

“Pears lost 24% of consumption between 2016 and 2020 – recalls Roberto Della Casa, head of the UNAPera project – A decrease largely due to the inconstancy of the quality of the fruits on the market. Pears are difficult to grow and in recent years they have been hit by various adversities, but when the quality is not constant, consumers become disaffected. 62% of Italians, according to the Agroter Fruit and Vegetable Monitor surveys, complain of too variable quality; but the good news is that 29% of our compatriots have their favorite fruit in the pear. To relaunch the pear product, program agreements on the commercial and marketing front are necessary with modern distribution companies and reference wholesalers “.

The companies that have founded UNAPera are: AFE, Unacoa, Apoconerpo, Apofruit Italia, Bergonzoni, Alegra, Biop, Cico, Mazzoni, Cipof, Consorzio Frutteto, Ceor, Eur.OPFruit, Gobbi Dino, Granfrutta Zani, La Buona Frutta, Minguzzi, Op Costea, Coferasta, Op Kiwi Sole, Spreafico, Opera, Natura Italia, Origine Group, Orogel. (HANDLE).

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