Covid: China, Zhangjiajie city closes tourist sites – Xinhua News

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(XINHUA) – CHANGSHA, JUL 30 – Zhangjiajie, a famous tourist city in the central Chinese province of Hunan, has arranged for the closure of all tourist sites this morning after the recent reappearance of some cases of Covid-19.

Wang Jianghua, director of the municipal health commission, explained during a press conference on Thursday evening that massive molecular tests were started in three regions of the city on Wednesday.

By 6pm yesterday, over 226,000 people had provided samples and more than 120,200 tests had been completed, with only one positive result.

Also yesterday, the person who tested positive for the swab was then diagnosed as a confirmed case of Covid-19.

In recent days, several Chinese cities have reported a spike in infections and in many cases they were people who had been to Zhangjiajie. (XINHUA)

Xinhua editorial responsibility.

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Covid China Zhangjiajie city closes tourist sites Xinhua News

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