Milan, the hospital in the Fiera remains open until spring 2022

Milan, the hospital in the Fiera remains open until spring 2022
Milan, the hospital in the Fiera remains open until spring 2022

The hospital built at the Milan Fair during the Covid emergency at the moment “is frozen and will be ready, even if we hope never, if the health emergency should occur again”. This was explained by the president of the Fiera Milano Foundation, Enrico Pazzali, during a meeting with the press, referring to the structure that was built in the pavilions of the city fair to address the Covid emergency.

Since last June 22, in fact, the facility is no longer active in treating patients and is now “on standby”, continued Pazzali: “There are 40 beds ready to be opened within a few hours and the other beds that can be activated in a time ranging from five to seven days “.


The hospital at the Milan Fair will remain like this until late spring 2022: “The choice is to ensure that it is ready to be operational during the autumn and winter period, in case there are still emergencies”. Subsequently, the project developed together with the Polyclinic of Milan and the Lombardy Region is to dismantle it and reassemble it in other locations.

“A part will be directed to a strategic location in Milan – explained Pazzali -, to support any emergencies, but there are seven other possible places in which to relocate the hospital’s removable intensive care facilities”.

During the Covid emergency, the facility treated 505 serious and sedated patients and recorded a survival rate “among the highest in Italy,” added Pazzali. Who also spoke of the resumption of trade fairs, starting from September, in a context of still great uncertainty, but which sees confirmed the calendar presented by Fiera Milano. “All the events will take place in a context of health security, starting with the Green Pass, but we will also introduce the possibility of swabs at the entrance”, explains the president of the Foundation, who is the largest shareholder of Fiera Milano and who is said ready to support the Fair also with a further economic and financial commitment, where necessary, to support its restart.


Milan hospital Fiera remains open spring

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