Fires from Palermo to Catania, inconvenience in Fontanarossa and a destroyed beach. Musumeci: it takes life imprisonment

Sicily burns due to the high temperatures approaching 40 degrees and the warm wind that blows on the island, fueling the flames. The greatest damage in the provinces of Palermo and Catania.

Province of Palermo

Air interventions are continuing in the Palermo area in the area between Piana degli Albanesi, Altofonte and San Giuseppe Jato.

“Now this is a unique fire – say the foresters – We are busy en masse and there were several workers who were injured during the extinguishing of the fire from the ground”.

Other aerial interventions in the area of Caccamo in the Manche district, and in the area of ​​San Nicola a Polizzi Generosa, in the Scanzano area in the Ficuzza wood area. All the forestry and fire brigade teams are busy and the firefighters have also sent additional teams.

The action of the arsonists together with the high temperatures and the wind that has risen is causing extensive damage to the vegetation.

“Since yesterday, in addition to trying to send the teams to the places of the fire, we have had to be psychologists and support the many elderly and peasants who in these long hours have lost everything they have achieved in a lifetime. Many tonight and today they called us in tears, they could not find peace in seeing all that territory destroyed by flames “.

The firefighters on duty in the operations room of the provincial command of Palermo tell this, who have already spent 24 hours managing the interventions in the triangle between Piana degli Albanesi, Altofonte and San Giuseppe Jato devastated by flames. Scenes already seen last year when the entire Moarda wood, a green lung with centuries-old trees in the province of Palermo, went up in smoke in a few days. “We are facing the action of criminals – said the mayor of Piana degli Albanesi Rosario Petta – People who unscrupulously destroy our life and our territory”

Province of Catania

Eastern Sicily also burns: in Catania a huge fire has developed on the outskirts of the city, between the Fossa della creta district and via Palermo, where several families have been forced to leave their homes.

An intense cloud of smoke rises in the area. The service axis is closed to traffic and access to some roads is also blocked. A stake has Le Capannine bathing establishment on the Plaia seafront was destroyed.

The smoke rises very high and the traffic has been blocked as a precaution on the service axis. Various vehicles and fire brigade teams are employed on site. Other 15 fires, in the Catania area, are reported in the area between Paternò, Ragalna and Biancavilla, 14 in Calatino and six requests for help arrived from Acireale and Giarre. Flames also on the Service Axis of the Catania bypass where weeds burn between the two lanes.

Numerous firefighters are engaged on various fronts. Reinforcements are coming to Catania from other main Sicilian commands.

Catania airport, temporarily closed due to fires in a neighborhood close to the infrastructure, is back in operation. However – explains a tweet – delays and inconveniences may occur until traffic is completely normalized.

Due to a roadside fire, it is temporarily closed to traffic, in both directions, the state road RA 15 “Tangenziale Ovest di Catania”, between km 21,000 and km 24,000 in Catania. Traffic is currently being diverted to the local road network with reports on the spot. On the spot there are firefighters and police forces as well as Anas teams.

Fires in Lido di Noto, the flames fed by the hot wind threaten the houses


“As unfortunately we feared – comments the president of the Region Nello Musumeci -, due to the very high temperatures that we have already been recording in Sicily since yesterday, the island is attacked by large fires, some of which are really serious due to the resulting devastation. . A situation made even more tragic by the renewed action of the arsonists who, as ascertained by the investigations of the investigators, scientifically set fire in several points causing irreversible damage to the forest heritage and even putting people’s safety at risk. We are talking about criminals who, we reiterate, would deserve life imprisonment for nefarious actions that erase the identity and history of our territory., as happened yesterday in Portella della Ginestra and Piana degli Albanesi ».

Then he adds: «I am close to the many people who, even today, have been forced to abandon their homes because they are threatened by fire. And I appeal to everyone, also and above all in the light of the extraordinary notice issued today by the Regional Civil Protection, to apply all the necessary prevention measures provided for by the “red alert” and to limit – but I would prefer to say to avoid – further fires and problems related to the exceptional heat wave that will affect Sicily until 6 August ».

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