“It’s a nightmare, they spend all night in …”

José Mourinho has recently arrived on the Roma bench, but the attitude of his players does not suit him. The words of the coach.

The Special One outburst (Getty Images)

After the lights and shadows experience of Fonseca on the bench of the Roma has arrived Joseph Mourinho. For a few weeks the Portuguese former Inter coach has been working with his new team and has got to know all the players who make up his squad. The Giallorossi company is still very active on the market, and the coach hopes to be able to close some negotiations that would support the staff in some roles considered key. In the meantime, the team is in retreat, and athletic training has begun.

The trainer nicknamed Special One has spoken publicly about a badly digested attitude of his players. Jose Mourinho accused the players of the Roma, and not only that, to do something that should be prohibited in the evenings before games. His statement will be a warning to the locker room, given the tones used by the former Inter Milan.

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José Mourinho warns the Roma players

The Roma coach interviewed by the club on Youtube (Getty Images)

During the question and answer interview published on the channel YouTube from the Roma, the Giallorossi coach Jose Mourinho answered some questions. The interview format involved the use of very short answers, but on one point in particular the Portuguese coach wanted to spend more than a few words. The question that sparked the wrath of the Special One concerns the famous video game Fortnite.

The Giallorossi coach defined the video game as a nightmare, because the players stay up all night playing with it, losing important hours of sleep. Furthermore, to increase the dose, Mourinho he called the game one str***ata, which can distract footballers the night before a game. A merciless attack from the Portuguese coach who thus warns all the players of his team. The famous videogame title has recently been trying to open up more and more to the world of football: the footballer Neymar was included among the usable characters, indicating the great success of the game in the world of football.



nightmare spend night

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