Reggio Calabria, maxi outbreak among vaccinated after marriage with mandatory Green Pass: at least 40 positive cases, some are symptomatic

Reggio Calabria, maxi outbreak among vaccinated after marriage with mandatory Green Pass: at least 40 positive cases, some are symptomatic
Reggio Calabria, maxi outbreak among vaccinated after marriage with mandatory Green Pass: at least 40 positive cases, some are symptomatic

Reggio Calabria, in the city one of the largest outbreaks since the beginning of the pandemic: at least 40 positive cases after a marriage. They were all vaccinated and were able to participate in the ceremony because they had the Green Pass, mandatory for entry to the event

Concern in these hours a Reggio Calabria by a outbreak of contagion from Covid-19 which is assuming great proportions, to the point of becoming the largest in numerical terms since the start of the pandemic in the Calabrian city of the Strait. What makes the situation worrying is not so much the absolute numbers or the contagion itself, but the circumstance that these are people who were all fully vaccinated with both doses and that the outbreak exploded in a permitted event with a Green Pass requirement. In short, it is a fact that documents how much vaccinations can prove to be not only ineffective in the face of Delta variant, as already stated in recent days by Anthony Fauci in the USA e by Iceland’s chief epidemiologist Thorolfur Gudnason, but even counterproductive the rules introducing the Green Pass for events involving crowds and gatherings, in the illusion that the vaccinated are immune and cannot get infected and get sick. And instead they risk worsening the epidemiological picture by becoming i main vectors of the virus and allowing it to ramp up in the population.

In the first days of last week, in fact, in a well-known club on the northern outskirts of the city, a marriage between two guys from Reggio. They entered the room Green Pass guests only, in compliance with national regulations that have already granted the celebrations of weddings and related receptions since 15 June only with Green Pass. A model that from August 6 will also be extended to concerts, cinema, theater, stages, bar e restaurants indoors. Last weekend the first guests at the wedding banquet accused flu symptoms: fever, headache, fatigue, exhaustion. They swabbed and tested positive for Covid. Positive and symptomatic, even if already vaccinated with both doses. They informed all friends and relatives present at the event, who underwent testing. After the first round of swabs, the positives were already confirmed 26, but based on the new test results arrived today they have risen to at least 40. The restaurant has also asked its employees and collaborators to swab, to ensure the health of the guests of the structure.

It should be noted that from a strictly clinical point of view, none of the infected require hospital treatment at the moment. There Delta variantmoreover, it is proving to be less aggressive as explained a few days ago to the microphones of StrettoWeb by the head of the Infectious Diseases Department of the GOM Dr. Giuseppe Foti: “it all depends on age. We have some 45-year-old patients, but in general all the inpatients are over 50 years old. Those in their 50s and 60s are all unvaccinated, while older ones also come vaccinated with both doses. They are few, but there are: the vaccine protects them from the most serious forms, even if it has not prevented the infection and a symptomatology, albeit not serious. The numbers are currently quite contained. We are noticing that there is a greater spread of the virus in the young, which, however, from a clinical point of view does not cause particular problems, indeed the disease is now less demanding than what we saw a few months ago. It probably also depends on the Delta variant that is becoming dominant: we know that it is more diffusive and contagious but in the hospital we see that it has a lesser impact on the respiratory system, consequently we see less serious infections than those we saw a few months ago. And this applies to everyone, even the unvaccinated. At the moment, for example, none of our 17 inpatients need the CPAP helmet support. Someone needs oxygen, some even high flow oxygen, but not positive pressure oxygen. This is comforting, compared to the picture of patients we had in recent months“.

Dr. Sebastiano Macheda, chief of the intensive care unit of the GOM, added that “it is clear that for Covid-19 the determining risk factor remains age and comorbidities. If young people are infected it is not a problem, we have never had healthy young people hospitalized in our wards, even in previous waves when there were no vaccines and no one was vaccinated. But if they are young people who have comorbidities or take the virus home to elderly relatives, the risks increase. The comorbidities that most expose you to the risk of complications from Covid-19 are obesity, diabetes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, bronchopathies: in these cases there are also high risks for young people. In recent months we have hospitalized a girl in intensive care, she was less than 30 years old but also had multiple concomitant pathologies, including severe obesity in addition to other neurological problems. We have never had to treat healthy young people since the beginning of the pandemic, and if the benefits of vaccination on the elderly, on the chronically ill of all ages and on all frail people are indisputable and evident, it can be debated whether or not it is appropriate to submit to vaccination healthy young people who do not have risks from Covid-19. But in this case it is more political than scientific choices“.

The head of the intensive care unit of the GOM of Reggio Calabria, dr. Sebastiano Macheda

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