Lessons in parish classrooms: more space for schools in Rome in times of Covid

Lessons in parish classrooms: more space for schools in Rome in times of Covid
Lessons in parish classrooms: more space for schools in Rome in times of Covid

Rome – The Capitoline Council has also confirmed for the next school year the outline of the Memorandum of Understanding between Rome, the Metropolitan City of Rome, the Regional School Office for Lazio and the Vicariate of Rome for the resumption of school activity.

The agreement allows the finding of additional spaces for educational and didactic activities, which will be made available by the Vicariate of Rome in order to guarantee pupils and school operators the necessary distancing established by the anti-Covid regulations.

The parishes, coordinated by the Vicariate of Rome, will make available the same spaces and outdoor areas used in the last school year that can allow the Capitoline institutes to expand the space-school and respect the distance between pupils. Roma Capitale will directly bear the management costs attributable to the cleaning and decoration of the premises, any adaptation and renovation of the buildings and the flat-rate reimbursement for utilities.

“Thanks to a good synergic work, once again this year, with the Memorandum of Understanding that we have renewed with the Vicariate, we will guarantee the necessary space to allow children to return to school safely. A necessary action to allow students, teachers and operators to comply with anti-Covid regulations with greater ease. ”, Explains the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi.

“Given the excellent result obtained in the school year 2020-2021, we renew the fruitful collaboration with the Vicariate for the next one as well, which will allow our children to resume teaching in September in safety”, underlines the Councilor for Infrastructures Linda Meleo.

“With the renewal of the agreement signed last year with the Vicariate of Rome, we are also guaranteeing important support for schools in the city this year, helping to support the organization of a safe return in September for girls. , girls and boys, among the most penalized by the pandemic and to whom we must give the maximum possible support ”, declares the councilor for Person, School and Solidarity Community Veronica Mammì.

(Il Faro online)

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