$ 100 to no vax to get the vaccine

$ 100 to no vax to get the vaccine
$ 100 to no vax to get the vaccine

The China is on the alert again. Because, as the Daily Mail reports, after the cases of the Delta variant escaped rigid border closures, it was hit by the largest Covid outbreak since the epidemic exploded in Wuhan. The country, which prides itself on its zero tolerance approach to Covid, has reported 206 new cases since July 20, with Nanjing at its epicenter. The outbreak began when airport workers who had cleaned a plane arriving from Russia tested positive. Since then, the virus, in the form of the new strain, has spread to five provinces and at least 13 cities, including the capital Beijing.

Delta variant, in China the alert rises: first case in Beijing, outbreaks at parties. The government: “Serious situation”

Delta variant, China alarm: “It’s like Wuhan”

Although the number of cases is relatively small, the infected are spread across the country and state media now compare this situation with the start of the epidemic, which started in Wuhan in 2019.
All flights from Nanjing airport have been suspended until at least 11 August, to try to contain the infections, while all 9.3 million people living in the city have been ordered to undergo molecular tests. Hundreds of thousands of people have been confined in Jiangsu province, of which Nanjing is the capital, while 41,000 have been forced to stay at home in the Changping district of Beijing.

Delta variant, Sicily and Sardinia in red in the contagion map in Europe (Ecdc): Lazio yellow

The other provinces

Sichuan and Liaoning provinces also reported cases, as did Hunan province – where the original outbreak began – after four people who attended an outdoor event in Zhangjiajie city tested positive. Two people identified as close contacts from those cases subsequently tested positive after a trip to Beijing. Hebei province and Inner Mongolia also carried out testing and contact tracing, after some arrivals from Nanjing.
Another outbreak also hit Yunnan province, after some Chinese who returned home from a visit to neighboring Myanmar – where cases are on the rise due to the Delta variant – tested positive.

Delta variant

According to an internal report from the US Centers for Disease Control reported by the Washington Post and the New York Times, the Delta variant is more transmissible of the pathogens that cause SARS, Ebola and Smallpox and spreads as easily as chickenpox. And it is this strain that has caused the recent waves of infections around the world, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Yellow zone: Lazio, Sicily and Sardinia, regions at risk. Contagions uphill, color change possible at the end of August

The other countries

The Philippine government has announced that they will be in solitary confinement for more than next week 13 million people in the region of the national capital, due to an increase in infections linked to the Delta variant. The variant has also been linked to about half of the new cases in Tokyo. A week after the start of the Olympics. Japan has extended the state of emergency for the virus in the capital, after a spike in infections was recorded. Meanwhile, Australia said Friday it will reopen its borders and end the lockdowns when vaccination rates reach 80 percent.


The United States, meanwhile, has stepped up efforts to vaccinate as many people in the face of a wave fueled by the Delta variant. After the increase in infections and hospitalizations, the president Joe Biden asked every federal worker in the US to communicate whether he is vaccinated or to wear a mask and undergo the test. “If you are not vaccinated, you present a problem to yourself, your family and those you work with,” Biden said yesterday. The president also said he will ask the Pentagon to consider making the coronavirus vaccine mandatory for active duty military personnel and has asked state and local governments to offer 100 dollars to those who are against it and decide to undergo immunization instead. The Pentagon has said that all of its military and civilian personnel, who are not vaccinated, will need to wear masks, undergo regular testing and travel restrictions.
Meanwhile, the CDC (Center for Disease Prevention and Control) has already asked people who are in areas where the virus is most widespread to wear masks again at home. The recommendation also applies to vaccinated people.

Holidays, pay attention to the current account: rules (and tips) to avoid nasty surprises

The stances, however, stop before a vaccination obligation, politically sensitive for federal workers. The data, however, lead to a dramatic return to restrictions after a rapid vaccination phase. The wave across America – which has the highest known Covid-19 death toll in the world – has left early adopters of the vaccine angry at those who have so far opted against the stroke. “It’s almost as if they don’t care about the rest of the world,” Alethea Reed, a 58-year-old health administrator in Washington, told AFP. “They are selfish and self-centered.” So far, nearly 4.2 million people are known to have died from Covid-19 worldwide, and vaccines are widely regarded as the primary weapon against the disease.


Israel was one of the first leaders in vaccinations, with approximately 55% of the population fully vaccinated, with two doses of mRma vaccines, manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced that people over the age of 60 will be offered a third booster as early as Sunday.
But, while rich nations like Israel can offer the third dose, many poorer countries are struggling to provide even the former. According to an AFP tally, more than four billion doses have been administered worldwide. High-income countries delivered an average of 97 vaccinations per 100 population compared to only 1.6 in low-income nations.

Covid, Andreoni: “We are in the fourth wave, masks are required even outdoors”


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