Fire in Catania, the airport – closed

Fire in Catania, the airport – closed
Fire in Catania, the airport – closed
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Houses evacuated in the Fossa Creta district. A bathing beach was destroyed. The wind stokes the flames and a cloud of smoke arose

The new torrid heat wave with temperatures above 40 degrees in some parts of Sicily burns several territories of the island. The African desert heat is causing fires to multiply in several provinces. Currently the most dramatic situation a Catania and in the Catanese area. Fires spread from the coastal areas of the metropolis to the countryside of the province, up to the slopes of Etna. The greatest emergency in the Etna coastal area where there are also the famous beaches of the Playa. It is a very busy area, nearby there is also the most important industrial area in Southern Italy, with giants such as StMicroeletronics, Pfizer, Cola-Cola Sibeg and many small and medium-sized enterprises. The fire reached the outside of Pfizer’s Catania laboratories.

Case evacuate

In the coastal area there is an intense cloud of smoke. In rione Fossa Creta several families were forced to leave their homes. Images of flames and smoke follow one another that recall apocalyptic scenarios of a few years ago when part of Viale Kennedy burned. the Service Axis (a fundamental road junction in the Etna area and Eastern Sicily) was closed to traffic. And access has also been blocked to some roads, including the State Road 114. But what better understands the situation of alarm and emergency the suspension of flights arriving and departing at the international airport of Fontanarossa (the busiest in Southern Italy), to allow the intervention of the fire brigade helicopters. Reinforcements are arriving from other places on the island.

Lido destroyed

The list of massive damages is constantly updated. A fire destroyed the Le Capannine bathhouse on the Catania seafront. Some graves also went up in smoke at the Catania cemetery. Shores have been evacuated in the coastal area and also some houses. Another 15 fires, in the Catania area, are reported in the area between Patern, Ragalna and Biancavilla, 14 in Calatino and 6 requests for help have arrived from Acireale and Giarre. Fires also in other territories of the island.

In Palermo

Air interventions are continuing in Palermo in the area between Piana degli Albanesi, Altofonte and San Giuseppe Jato. One of the most important places in the history of Italy was also hit, such as Portella della Ginestra. And during the night it was necessary to evacuate several houses in Piana degli Albanesi. The trade unionists of the CGIL explain: Portella destroyed. Burns the symbolic place of workers ‘struggles where May Day has been celebrated since the time of Nicola Barbato, one of the founders of the Sicilian workers’ Fasci. Portella della Ginestra, in the Municipality of Piana degli Albanesi, the place where Salvatore Giuliano’s gang, on 1 May 1947, carried out the massacre that killed 11 people. From western to eastern Sicily the summer of fires. Thousands of hectares in smoke, especially in central Sicily, in Enna the fire has touched the historic center.

The number of fires

Devastated fields, woods and even farms. The number of fires in Sicily in recent months has exceeded 3430. And according to data from Coldiretti in Sicily in the last six years there have been 60,000 fires. A dramatic situation that led to the destruction of part of the enormous environmental and landscape heritage. In smoke in central Sicily, in the Enna area, thousands of hectares. Farms have been destroyed, and some animals have died. There is also the arsonist emergency, but these days the increase in temperatures and the wind are causing very worrying fires. The earth burns under the volcano and does not depend on Etna.

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