Coronavirus today 30 July 2021 Emilia Romagna, Covid bulletin. Data and infections

Coronavirus today 30 July 2021 Emilia Romagna, Covid bulletin. Data and infections
Coronavirus today 30 July 2021 Emilia Romagna, Covid bulletin. Data and infections

Bologna, 30 July 2021 – I am 544 new positive today on 24.658 tampons performed, with a positivity rate of 2,2%. It has been registered a solo death throughout the region, while themiddle age of those who contracted Covid is 31.9 years.

Today is the day of the weekly monitoring produced by the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health (Iss) and according to the draft that came out in the morning, theNational Rt Index which, from 1.26 on Friday 23 July, passes to 1,57. The national data regarding theincidence of cases: seven days ago there were 41 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, today, Friday 30 July they have risen to altitude 58 for every 100 thousand. In addition to Rt index and incidence, it also goes up l’transmissibility index based on cases with hospitalization: è a 1,46 (range 1.38-1.55) as of July 20. In Emilia Romagna, the new indice Rt and a 1,75, up from last week when it stopped at 1.35.

The data of the Emilia Romagna bulletin today, 30 July

Although this general increase in all identifiers, no region will pass into the yellow zone, given that in all regions theoccupation of intensive care and medical areas is still below the new parameters established by Covid decree of 23 July. The thresholds not to be exceeded to enter the yellow zone are in fact the following: 10% of employment of terapie intensive e 15% as regards the medical areas.

Yesterday, the regional health councilor Raffaele Donini took stock of the situation in Emilia Romagna regarding pandemic e vaccination campaign. In the region, lincidence of new cases out of 100 thousand inhabitants it is between 65 and 67 cases, therefore above the threshold of 50. “But we do not risk the yellow zone”, said the commissioner. He said that for the over 60 bracket l’herd immunity it is already “substantial”. The assessor also confirmed that the procedures for the suspension of the 167 no vax sanitary ware are proceeding. Vaccination in Emilia Romagna in the meantime, “it continues expeditiously” and there are 70% of people vaccinated with at least one dose, who will be guaranteed the recall.

As regards the demonstrations against the Green pass of the past few days, the Digos of Ferrara he has reported 5 people who would be promoters of the protest staged in Piazza Castello Saturday 24 July. The police then identified 10 other people who will be sanctioned for not wearing protective equipment.

Coronavirus Emilia-Romagna, data for Friday 30 July 2021

Today in Emilia-Romagna they registered 544 new positives, a slight increase compared to yesterday, in which there had been some 493 and in substantial increase also compared to 419 of Wednesday 28 July. They were performed over 24.658 tampons, with a total of 6.490 active cases (+460 compared to yesterday). Of these, people in isolation the house, i.e. those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, total 6,279 (+444), the 96.7% of the total number of active cases. Given the high number of tampons, the rate of positivity drops from 2.3% to 2,2%.

At 15 were administered as a whole 4.998.479 doses; out of the total they are 2.268.205 people who have completed the vaccination course.

The contagion map

The 544 new cases of positivity today are distributed as follows: +45 a Piacenza (of which 27 symptomatic), +47 a Parma (of which 24 symptomatic), +72 a Reggio Emilia (of which 62 symptomatic), + 91 a Modena (of which 85 symptomatic), +88 y Bologna (of which 78 symptomatic), +8 cases a Imola (of which 7 symptomatic), +43 a Ferrara (of which 23 symptomatic), +44 a Ravenna (of which 42 symptomatic), +17 a Forlì (of which 11 symptomatic), +22 y Cesena (of which 18 symptomatic) and +67 a Rimini (of which 51 symptomatic).

About 116 asymptomatic, 64 were identified thanks to the activity of contact tracing, 2 via serological screening, 23 through i test for risk categories introduced by the Region, 2 with i pre-admission test. For 25 cases it is the epidemiological investigation is still in progress. As for people as a whole heal, there are 83 more than yesterday and reach an altitude of 373,860.

The hospitalizations

The situation in hospitals does not improve: patients hospitalized in intensive care they go up by one and become 14. In the other Covid departmentsinstead it goes up by 15, for a total of 197 hospitalized people. THE ICU patients are distributed as follows: 2 a Parma (unchanged from yesterday), 1 a Reggio Emilia (unchanged), 3 y Modena (unchanged), 5 a Bologna (unchanged) and 3 y Rimini (+1). No hospitalization a Piacenza, Imola, Ferrara, Ravenna, Forlì e Cesena.

The deaths

Unfortunately, due to Covid, one is missing 99 year old woman in Parma.

On Friday 30 July, in Italy I’m States 6.619 test positives Covid. Thursday it had been 6.171. They were instead 18 victims in one day. With 247,486 swabs carried out the recorded positivity rate was 2.7%, up from 2.3% on Thursday. I’m 201 patients admitted to intensive care for Covid in Italy. The inputs every day they were 20. I hospitalized with symptoms in ordinary departments are 1.812.
The regions that have registered the most infections are: Veneto (+
1.046), Lazio (+845), Sicily (+724), Tuscany (+720), Lombardy (+678), Emilia Romagna (+544).

No Green pass Ferrara, Digos denounces 5 demonstrators

The Digos of Ferrara denounced five people for unauthorized demonstration, identified as promoters of the protest against the Green Pass that Saturday 24 July it was held in the historic center, as in other Italian cities. Starting from 17.30 about they gathered in Piazza Castello circa 50 people, increased by several dozen until it reaches 200 units around 6 pm. The group wanted to head towards piazza Trento Trieste where the presentation event of the Serie B calendar for the football season 2021-2022. The procession, invited to retreat from the purpose, reached about a thousand participants and after having traveled a short distance in the city center (about 200 meters), he returned to Piazza Castello. Others have been identified 10 people which, in breach of the contagion prevention provisions, will be administratively sanctioned as envisaged by the current legislation anti-Covid legislation.

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