Like other European metropolises, now Milan also wants the “night mayor”. And Sala opens: “It can stay there”

Like other European metropolises, now Milan also wants the “night mayor”. And Sala opens: “It can stay there”
Like other European metropolises, now Milan also wants the “night mayor”. And Sala opens: “It can stay there”

“I don’t want to do things for facade or image, but the mayor of the night can be there”. Beppe Sala, at the presentation of the list of Radicals for the Municipalities of Milan, the eighth in support of it, opens up to their workhorse. It is a figure, that of a councilor with powers to when the sun sets, mentioned several times in recent years. Just go back to the 2016 primaries, those for the then candidate for mayor of the center-left: it was Francesca Balzani, deputy of Giuliano Pisapia, who proposed it and it was Luca Gibillini, Sel’s councilor, who relaunched it for the first race in Sala at Palazzo Marino. The “night mayor” comes into action when the sun goes down, administering the life and economic activities that are activated in the evening.

An idea borrowed from European capitals such as Amsterdam which in Milan, however, has always remained on paper. So the radicals, led by the councilor for participation Lorenzo Lipparini now put it back on the table: “We must do it well”, however, points out Sala, because, this time, “it must be a real thing, with real powers”. A mayor who manages the city when the daily frenzy is turned off and the night lights come on: a figure “who coordinates – explain the Radicals – the night services and operators in the management of security”.

During the radical banquet for the collection of signatures set up in Piazza Cordusio, Beppe Sala also returns to talk about elections and possible new challengers: “I find it funny that we do not yet know when to vote”, because time is running out and if the date of 3 October , hypothesized but not yet official, should be put in black and white, in scarce two months of the election campaign “August should be used well”. To “stay around”, touching “even the town halls”. The mayor, who explains that he has contacts with Giuseppe Conte, is sure that another node of these administrations, the absence of a name for the Five Star Movement, will soon be dissolved: “We are very close to the choice, I know they are making a bit of testing “.

The “Milano Radicale con Sala” list is added to the other seven in support of it, including that of the Democratic Party which today pitted the first 39 candidates for Palazzo Marino. Leading the dem list are the city planning councilor Pierfrancesco Maran, the deputy mayor Anna Scavuzzo, the president of the municipal council Lamberto Bertolé, the metropolitan deputy mayor Arianna Censi and the councilor for mobility Marco Granelli. A team that alongside the outgoing also lined up many new names that, in the intentions of dem, will represent the various souls of the city: among these there is the first transgender woman Monica Romano, the head of rights and LGBTQ + activist Michele Albiani and the actress Dijana Pavlovic, spokesman for the Roma and Sinti community.

There is no shortage of young and very young people, including the under 30s Luca Costamagna, Federico Bottelli and Gaia Romani, all with already experience in the Municipalities, to which are added some new entries: the 25-year-old activist of the Fridays for Future Sarah Brizzolara and the twenty-three year old Christina Pathiraja Mudalige, born in Milan to a mother and father originally from Sri Lanka.

Among the faces of civil society there are, in the health sector, Sonia Ribera and Enrico Fraschini, respectively doctor of Niguarda and radiology technician at Monzino. Valerio Pedroni and Davide Caocci come from the world of volunteering; on work and trade union issues there are Tiziana Scalchi engaged in the struggles to defend labor rights and the entrepreneur Domingo Borja, originally from the Philippines and in Italy for 36 years.

Finally, here are the outgoing: Alice Arienta, Filippo Barberis, Elena Buscemi, Simonetta D’Amico, Diana De Marchi, Roberta Osculati, Bruno Ceccarelli, Alessandro Giungi, Natascia Tosoni, Carmine Pacente, Beatrice Uguccioni, Rosario Pantaleo, Angelica Vasile, Angelo Turco .

“The strength of our list – explains the metropolitan secretary of PD Milan Silvia Roggiani – is in being the expression of a plural world. A diversity that has found unity in the enthusiasm, passion and competence of different people, however animated from the same feeling: a great love for Milan “.

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