Una Vita: what happened to Ana del Rey, the beloved Trini Crespo? Here is the actress today

The most beloved Spanish soap of Canale 5 is about to return with a new date. Before finding out what awaits us in the next installments of the fiction, let’s deal with an actress who has been much loved. This is Ana del Rey, who has lent her face to one of the most loved protagonists, the beautiful and self-confident Trini Crespo.

Una Vita, what happened to the actress who played Trini?

Trini crespo she was married to Ramon Palacios, one of the most popular male protagonists one Vita. The two have lived a very intense love story, and have challenged the prejudices of the time by fighting against everyone to save their relationship.

The plot of the soap then provided a time jump, after which, the beautiful Trini left a great void. In fact, the actress has decided to leave the scene to devote herself to the realization of new professional projects.

Ana del Rey, born in 1985 has always dreamed of being an actress, since she was very young. Its interpretation in A step forward, takes place at a very young age, then she approached the world of theater and great cinema.

Not everyone knows that the beautiful Ana is a dancer of jazz, hip hop, classical and modern flamenco styles. The young actress soon became an internationally renowned choreographer, in fact she won the award Broadwey World Award.

In 2019 he joins the cast of A life and plays the beautiful Trini crespo, but then he decided to abandon fiction to devote himself to the theater.

Una Vita, Agustina ready to leave Acacias 38

In the next installments of A life, we will see a turning point in the investigation into the tragic death of Marzia. The commissioner Mendez and Felipe, have very strong suspicions about Genoveva and all the clues prove his guilt.

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Meanwhile, the young woman Camino heartbroken by the separation imposed by Love she closed in deafening silence and her mother Felicia tries them all to get her to talk. News also coming to the attic, the dessert Augustine is about to say goodbye to Acacias 38.

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