suffice it to say that the vaccine is experimental – Il Tempo

suffice it to say that the vaccine is experimental – Il Tempo
suffice it to say that the vaccine is experimental – Il Tempo

“Let’s hope it’s just a backlash.” Thus in an interview with Corriere della Sera Fabrizio Pregliasco, virologist, professor at the State University of Milan on what for virologists is the fourth wave of the virus.

“However, it is a situation in line with what has already happened in other countries, while we were experiencing a sort of honeymoon – continues the expert who explains -: we have been closed longer: those who reopened earlier, like Spain and Portugal, has seen the infections rise again in recent weeks. And then there was that ‘eclipse of consciousness’, during the celebrations for Italy’s victory in the European football championship, which favored the spread of the virus ” . “A concept must be reiterated – specifies Pregliasco – that any contact between people can potentially represent a risk of contagion, even if low. Even the vaccinated (who in 88 percent of cases are protected from infection) in some cases can be carriers of the virus, despite the reduced charge, and pass it on to others “.

Pregliasco also lashes out against the media. “Much is to be attributed to a sort of information cacophony. The idea has passed, for example, that vaccines are experimental and that some can interfere with our DNA. But this is not the case. At the point, Rna preparations (such as Pfizer, ed) and those with viral vectors (such as AstraZeneca, ed) have been under study for years. And this information confusion continues “, says the virologist.

The European drug agency Ema “has given indications for vaccination in young people from the age of 12. However, some countries, such as Germany or Sweden, currently vaccinate only the most fragile children, waiting to have more data on side effects (very rare cases of myocarditis are described among the youngest, ed), while in Italy the indications of the EMA are followed. Vaccinating young people, however, is fundamental for the reopening of schools “, says Pregliasco. docenti specifies “I would compare them to health workers, especially those who have to deal with younger children. I would be obliged to vaccinate.”

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suffice vaccine experimental Tempo

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