Francesco Gabbani in the hospital: what happened to the singer?

Francesco Gabbani, a beloved and followed singer, was operated on and today revealed everything to his followers: how is the well-known artist?

Francesco Gabbani, Photo source: GettyImages

Much loved by the public, very popular on social media and equally on television whenever the opportunity arises, Francesco Gabbani continues to amaze, but this time he leaves his fans speechless: how is the artist after the operation?

As many will surely already know, the artist’s career began several years ago with the group Knitting belt and later begins to take his first steps as a soloist; in 2015, Gabbani is at the ‘Sanremo Festival in the section with the single entitled ‘Amen‘.

A few years later, the artist joined the section ‘Big‘with the song’Occidentali’s Karma‘with which he manages to win on stage dell’Ariston; in 2020 his fourth album entitled ‘Vice versa‘and then he’s back on stage again dell’Ariston with the homonymous song and manages to win second place.

In short, Gabbani has a really long and incredible career and that will certainly continue over the years to come.

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Francesco Gabbani – Instagram: the artist operated on the vocal cords, here’s how he is

Francesco Gabbani, a beloved and followed artist, continues to amaze, but this time he leaves his many followers speechless because he reveals that he has been operated on: this is how the singer is doing.

The artist showed himself in three shots, in the first photograph he was shown wearing a coat and a cap, in the second in the elevator, while in the third with the doctor who operated on him.

At the beginning of the post, the artist explained: “Now that it’s all over I can finally tell you. The day after the concert at the Verona Arena I flew to Hamburg for a small surgery on the vocal cords“.

Later, the artist then decided to thank the doctor who operated on him and closed the message by saying: “Now I’m really great! This is why I can’t wait to go back to singing with you all!“.

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The post in question has received well 21.359 like and just as many were the very sweet comments from his followers.

F. Gabbani, Photo source: Instagram (@francescogabbani)

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