“That’s why the friendship ended …”

“That’s why the friendship ended …”
“That’s why the friendship ended …”

Lite with Tommaso Zorzi, Francesco Oppini breaks the silence: “That’s why friendship ended …». Yesterday the news of the “unfollow” of the Milanese influencer towards the children of Alba Parietti. Now, Francesco Oppini breaks the silence on the alleged split with the former friend and has his say in a story on Instagram.

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As reported by Novella 2000, the dispute would have arisen from old videos in which Francesco Oppini he would have laughed at offensive epithets, which would have led Tommaso Zorzi not to follow him anymore. Here are the words of Oppini: “I find it surreal to decontextualize and make phrases current that, however unhappy, were written more than 8 years ago and among other things in a goliardic context. In the meantime, and luckily, both our language and the society we live in have evolved and these words, which I repeat to be wrong, are no longer part of our jargon.».

And keeps going: “I suggest to those who have dedicated themselves to this painstaking research, with the sole purpose of hurting me and damaging my image, to go and find even more recent posts (see last 5 years) in which I openly take a stand against all forms of discrimination“. To support it, the former gieffino Enock who posts a photo embraced to Oppini with the inscription: “I love you».

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