Auto sector, the new eco-bonus will start on Monday

In the conversion law of Sostegni bis decree the automotive fund for the purchase of low-emission vehicles was refinanced with 350 million euros. Compared to the past, explains the Mise, the main novelty concerns precisely the allocation of 40 million euros dedicated to used cars, petrol or diesel, of Euro class not less than 6 and emissions up to 160 g / km of CO2.

To access this incentive, which will become operational after the necessary technical changes to the platform, it will be necessary scrapping a car registered before January 2011, or who has reached ten years in the period in which the eco-bonus is requested.

More specifically, in addition to the 40 million for second-hand vehicles, 200 million are destined for the purchase, exclusively with scrapping, of vehicles with emissions between 61-135 g / km CO2. The contribution is 1,500 euros. Another 60 million are allocated to obtain the extra bonus and purchase vehicles with emissions between 0-60 g / km CO2. The contribution amounts to € 2,000 with scrapping and € 1,000 without. Finally, 50 million go to the purchase of commercial and special vehicles, of which 15 million exclusively for electric vehicles.

Among the novelties of the Sostegni bis decree, the ministry recalls, there is the possibility of purchasing this type of vehicle with financial leasing, starting from 25 July 2021. The contributions provided for by the 2021 Budget Law remain unchanged and can therefore be booked on the basis of the “Total Ground Mass – MTT” and nutrition.


Auto sector ecobonus start Monday

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