Where to get an ice cream in Rome? The best artisan ice cream parlors in the capital

Where to get an ice cream in Rome? The best artisan ice cream parlors in the capital
Where to get an ice cream in Rome? The best artisan ice cream parlors in the capital

Roma – Soft, fresh, tasty, homogeneous, consistent, palatable, silky, and melt-in-your-mouth. How much poetry when it comes to his majesty ice cream. For lunch or for a quick break. Big or small, with the cone or with the cup. With creams or with creamed fruits always accompanied by a lot of soft and not too sweet cream. Ice cream is always a party that everyone agrees on. It is that moment of pure passion, which helps us on the hottest days and pampers us on the coldest ones.

Everyone has their favorite ice cream parlor and in Rome there is certainly no shortage of high quality ice cream parlors, like those that have made the history of the various districts and have seen several generations grow over the years.

But among all the ice cream parlors in Rome, one has a history that has its roots in the late 1800s and in fact, a few months ago it has blown out 141 candles, let’s talk about Fassi ice cream parlor at the Ice Palace in the heart of the Esquilino neighborhood (via Principe Eugenio, 65). A tradition that is now enriched with Andrea Fassi, enterprising representative of the fifth generation of Fassi masters. Of this ice cream parlor we remember the legendary Sanpietrini, a registered trademark product, a tribute to the city of Rome. The Sanpietrino, with its classic square shape, has an external chocolate glaze that covers a heart of cream, zabaglione, chocolate, coffee, coconut and hazelnut.

In the center of Rome a stone’s throw from Largo Argentina in via della Seggiola 12, we find the Pica ice cream bar, an institution for forty years thanks to the dedication of the whole family. A few days ago the restaurant reopened after a few months of renovation. In a completely refurbished environment you can taste the famous rice flavors that have bewitched Romans and tourists since the Eighties. Rice with cream, cinnamon, chocolate-rice, strawberries to get to ricotta and pears.

Another historic ice cream bar in Rome is Giolitti (via Uffici del Vicario) which also fascinates for the old atmosphere of the early twentieth century. In fact, here one cannot fail to taste, between history and goodness, one of the mythical Giolitti cups sitting in the liberty style tea room.

In the heart of the Parioli district in via Eleonora Duse 1B, there is another institution of the ice cream tradition of Rome Gelateria Duse da Giovanni which since 1958 is a certainty. Here, since the 1970s, you could already taste the legendary dark chocolate and first fruit cremolatos with the much sought-after double cream. But not only that, the boys who attended the nearby Manfredi Azzarita high school in the 80s will remember the unforgettable hot croissants with ice cream inside, a flavor of your choice, which dripped with every bite, smearing down jackets and jeans.

Perhaps one of the first to offer an ice cream without preservatives, dyes or the use of semi-finished products was, about thirty years ago, San Crispino (via della Panetteria – behind the Trevi Fountain – and via G. Gioacchino Belli, Prati districts). Try the creams of which it boasts a wide choice and made exclusively with high quality ingredients, chosen respecting the natural rotation of the seasons.

In the Prati district, there are two not-to-be-forgotten signs for ice cream: Seventh Frost and the Gracchi ice cream shop. Mirella Fiumano’s ice cream parlor, Seventh Frost in via Vodice, 21, produces ice cream with no semi-finished products, artificial flavors or preservatives, the milk is strictly organic, the eggs are fresh and the sugar is cane. For the tastes then, there is only the embarrassment of choice.

The Gracchi ice cream shop, in via dei Gracchi 272 (with two other offices in via Ripetta and in via Regina Margherita) of the master Alberto Manassei, since 1999 it is another address of quality and goodness where artisanal ice cream is made exclusively with natural products, without preservatives, dyes and hydrogenated fats. The taste not to be missed is the pistachio made only using the real Bronte pistachio.

Another lesson to keep in mind is FataMorgana with his five laboratories in Rome (Nemorense, Trastevere, Monti, Re di Roma) and one in Monterotondo, always remains a point of reference for enjoying a quality ice cream with products based exclusively on a few simple ingredients. We remember the delicious sorbets to accompany with homemade waffles.

In the heart of the San Lorenz districtor via Tiburtina 6, we find the San Lorenzo ice cream parlor which ensures an ice cream where emulsifiers, monodiglycerides, gelling agents, dyes, flavors, hydrogenated and refined vegetable fats are literally banned. Only high quality milk, sugar, organic eggs, fresh seasonal fruit, proteins and vegetable fibers are the basis of the recipes of the ice cream chef Stefano Ferrara. For lovers of creams it is mandatory to taste the zabaglione with Marsala Florio.

For chocolate lovers we remember the Theater ice cream parlor in via dei Coronari. In fact, here it is possible to taste Modica chocolate with Nero di Avola. With its open laboratory, customers can scrutinize the different stages of processing and the always fresh and high quality ingredients such as almonds from Avola, pistachio from Bronte and fruit only for the seasoning. Some combinations are also original and surprising such as rosemary, honey and lemon, sage and raspberries, lavender flower and white peach.

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