PlayStation 5: The first compatible NVMe SSD comes from Seagate

PlayStation 5: The first compatible NVMe SSD comes from Seagate
PlayStation 5: The first compatible NVMe SSD comes from Seagate

As it turned out, the next major update of PlayStation 5 give users the ability to expand the internal memory by enabling the slot forSSD M.2. Seagate the first manufacturer to seize the ball, announcing the first compatible NVMe stick with the next-gen console of Sony. Two great news for those looking forward to expanding the storage space of their PS5, but, at least in the case of Seagate, there is a “small” obstacle: the price.

Seagate Firecuda 530 PCIe 4.0 compatible with PS5

The SSD in question the Firecuda 530 PCIe 4.0. This model was already unveiled last June, but only now we have the confirmation of its full compatibility with PS5. The announcement comes from Jeff Park, Country Manager of Seagate Technology ANZ (in Australia and New Zealand): “We have conducted some tests with Sony on the PlayStation 5 and today I can confirm that the FireCuda 530 with heatsink met all PS5 requirementsexplains Park, who praises the PS5’s design that allows Seagate’s new SSD to be mounted with or without a heatsink.

Recall that the SSD pre-installed in Sony’s PlayStation 5 has a reading speed of 5500 MB / s, which can go up to 9000 MB / s for compressed files. To ensure full compatibility with next-gen hardware, the FireCuda 530 offers a slightly higher reading speed (7300 MB / s) and a write speed of 6900 MB / s.

In this case, the biggest advantage naturally concerns the storage capacity. Thanks to the upcoming PS5 firmware – now available in Beta – users will finally be able to expand the PS5’s internal SSD memory, equivalent to just 667GB of usable space. The new Seagate FireCuda 530 therefore represents the first, valid option for users of the next-gen console, being able to offer from 500 GB to 4 TB of additional space.

The only sore point concerns the price: The base model of the FireCuda 530, the 500GB model, will sell for A $ 199, equivalent to about 124 euros; the largest 4 TB SSD reaches the dizzying figure of $ 1,429, that is 890 euro – the version equipped with a heatsink reaches 1,500 Australian dollars (934 euros). Put simply, for a compatible NVMe SSD you can get to spend almost double the price of a PlayStation 5 – and even more than double, when you consider the “cheaper” PS5 Digital Edition.

In any case, we remind you that users can always opt for an external hard drive or SSD, much cheaper and, in some ways, more versatile than the NVMe option, albeit less fast.

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