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Weather forecast. Heavy thunderstorms expected over the weekend

STRONG WEEKENDS ON THE WEEKEND. We will have a first taste today, Friday, with the passage of some thunderstorms from west to east, locally strong. Once this line of instability has been passed, the road to subsequent ones will now be wide open, due to a low pressure sack that will sink from the North Sea to southwestern Europe. From it will unravel impulses of instability directed towards our central and especially northern regions, heralds of showers and thunderstorms that locally may also be intense, due to the thermal contrast that will be created between the entry of cooler currents from the North Atlantic and the pre-existing warmer air.

TEMPORAL FOCUS ON SATURDAY. During the day, increased instability in the Alpine areas where scattered showers and thunderstorms will trigger, tending to become strong in the evening on medium-high Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, upper Lombardy (especially the lakes area) and Trenino Alto Adige, locally accompanied by hail, gusts of wind and possible storms. Some rain is coming up to Liguria and west Emilia, dry to Romagna and lower Veneto.

Weather forecast. Thunderstorm focus on Saturday

TEMPORAL FOCUS ON SUNDAY. Start of the day marked by bad weather in most of the North but also in upper Tuscany with rains and thunderstorms also of strong intensity on the Triveneto, locally accompanied by hailstorms, gusts of wind and storms, especially near the Alpine areas. However, it will be a matter of localized and not homogeneously distributed phenomena, very strong in some areas and decidedly weaker in neighboring ones. Some showers or thunderstorms also on Liguria and Emilia Romagna, sporadically on upper Lazio, Umbria and Marche. A certain variability takes over in the morning in the Northwest with bright spells alternating with some showers or thunderstorms, running out during the day. Between afternoon and evening rainfall attenuation and exhaustion also elsewhere with bright spells advancing from the west, except for the last thunderstorms until evening on Friuli VG.

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thunderstorms risk EXCEPTIONAL VIOLENCE gusts wind hail Meteo

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