Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini at loggerheads: friendship at the end of the line

The video of the scandal is definitely dated, but the substance for Zorzi is still so serious that it triggers the defollow of the (ex) friend and says “better that everyone goes his own way”. In the video in question Oppini laughed at the word “ricc * ione”, while it would emerge that in another post, also from a long time ago, he had played on another term used in a derogatory way to indicate homosexuals, simply anagram it slightly in “ciofro “.

The answer, between the shocked and the wounded, by Oppini, came in an Instagram story. “I find it surreal to decontextualize and make cutters that, however unhappy, were written more than 8 years ago and among other things in a goliardic context – he wrote -. In the meantime, both our language and the society in which we live have evolved and these words, which I repeat to be wrong, are no longer part of our jargon. I suggest to those who have dedicated themselves to this painstaking research, with the sole purpose of hurting me and damaging my image, to go and find post more recent (see last 5 years) in which I openly take a stand in favor of the LGBTQ + community “.



Tommaso Zorzi Francesco Oppini loggerheads friendship line

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