Valle d’Aosta, in Bermuda shorts and sweatshirt on the Breithorn glacier. The Wrath of the Alpine Rescue: “Very Dangerous”

Trail shoes, Bermuda shorts, brightly colored sweatshirt and a fisherman’s hat. He walked on a glacier along the normal route of the Breithorn, at 4,000 meters above sea level, in the Monte Rosa group, between the upper Valtournenche and the Ayas valley. His photo was released, shielding his face, by the Aosta Valley Mountain Rescue to raise an alarm in view of the peak period of summer tourism. “It is evident that this conduct is very dangerous because in the event of a fall into a crevasse this person has very little chance of survival”, says Paolo Comune, director of the Aosta Valley mountain rescue.

The man is “obviously poorly equipped: he is not equipped with adequate technical clothing, or boots, crampons, helmet and rope. He proceeds alone, in an area with a high risk of crevasses”, explains the Aosta Valley Alpine Rescue . In the event of a snow bridge collapsing and falling into a crevasse, “in addition to the consequences of falling and rubbing against the ice, staying in the crevasse, with such equipment, does not allow the necessary protection from the cold and severe hypothermia, which can occur in a very short time, can lead to death “.

Municipality adds: “Unfortunately, despite the numerous appeals to caution, these behaviors are very frequent. For this reason we reiterate the absolute need to move, in the mountains, with adequate equipment and clothing, with the appropriate knowledge of the territory and with the utmost caution “.

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