CATL unveils its sodium ion batteries

Research and development of batteries for electric cars is running very fast. The companies in the sector are all working on new products that will allow electric cars to make an important qualitative leap. Catlus, for example, he made a very interesting announcement. The Chinese company, in fact, has presented its sodium ion battery first generation providing the first information. A potentially interesting technology that brings several advantages. However, as CATL also admitted, there is still work to be done to improve some aspects.

The Chinese company has made it known that it has been dedicated for years to the development of this technology, now overcoming a whole series of problems that hindered its use. According to CATL, the sodium ion cell has a similar operating principle to the lithium ion cell. However, sodium ions have a larger volume than lithium ions and have higher requirements for structural stability and kinetic properties of materials. To address these issues, CATL used new materials for cathodes and anodes.


According to what was communicated, the accumulators equipped with this technology have one energy density up to 160 Wh / kg and can be recharged up to 80% in 15 minutes at room temperature. Furthermore, they work very well even at low temperatures. The Chinese company says that at minus 20 degrees, the ability to release energy would be only 10% lower than in “optimal” environmental conditions.

Respect all battery LFP (lithium iron phosphate), these new accumulators have a lower energy density. However, in the future this may no longer be a problem as CATL is already working towards achieving an energy density of 200 Wh / kg and above. Furthermore, this technology it does without all those raw materials which today cost more and more. The Chinese company also says that the construction of the sodium-ion cells is perfectly compatible with the equipment and production processes of the lithium-ion cells, and the production lines can be quickly modified to achieve high production capacity.

CATL also added that it was successful to integrate the two types of cells inside the same battery pack. In short, the new cells are safe, offer a long useful life, recharge quickly, work well in the cold and can be integrated with lithium-ion ones. The goal is to create a production system to market this new solution by 2023.


CATL unveils sodium ion batteries

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