The worst in August, weather with extreme heat waves: 46, maybe 48 degrees

Weather with extreme heat waves

The projections of the weather centers propose temperature values ​​that could generate local records. The heat comes lightning fast in a thermal environment already characterized by temperatures that are diffusely above average, with the in a Very warm Mediterranean Sea like a tropical sea.

A mass of air of enormous dimensions is continuously pouring towards the central Mediterranean, generating a long heat wave over much of Italy. Already in these days the mercury column has exceeded the threshold of 40 ° C, in the Central South and the Major Islands. In Sardinia this has favored the spread of huge fires.

Ma what happens these days it will be a worse weather condition than the one that occurred last weekend: a heat wave arrives in full heat wave, and this could exalt the heat out of all proportion. See some local situations such as Palermo at 34 ° C in the middle of the night.

But let’s see the prospects in detail: a mass of hot air has now reached Central and Southern Italy. The hottest core will pass between today and tomorrow. Meanwhile, a line of atmospheric instability will move towards Northern Italy, with a flurry of thunderstorms between Saturday and Sunday.

The extreme maximum temperature forecast estimates are remarkable:

Catania 44°C

Cosenza, Andria 42°C

Benevento, Matera, Lecce, Barletta, Caltanissetta, Foggia 41°C

Brindisi, Crotone, Bari, Trani, Catanzaro, Pescara 40°C

Taranto, Caserta, Ragusa, Palermo, Terni 39°C

Villacidro, Enna, Sanluri, Syracuse, Avellino, Messina, Agrigento 38°C

Ascoli Piceno, Olbia, Reggio di Calabria, Nuoro, Vibo Valentia 37°C

Rome, Chieti, Frosinone, Potenza, Salerno, Arezzo, Modena, Rieti, Forlì, Iglesias, Bologna, Carbonia, Florence, Lucca, Reggio nell’Emilia 36°C

Teramo, Mantua, Parma, Cagliari, Isernia, Latina, Campobasso, Naples, L’Aquila, Prato, Viterbo, Tempio Pausania, Ancona, Ferrara, Rovigo, Piacenza 35°C

Lanusei, Perugia, Tortolì, Cremona, Oristano, Pistoia, Trapani, Urbino, Cesena, Siena, Pisa, Pavia, Rimini, Grosseto, Pesaro, Alessandria, Padua, Verona, Asti, Lodi 34°C

Brescia, Genoa, Fermo, Macerata, Ravenna, Savona, Trieste, Milan, Gorizia, Pordenone, Sassari, Treviso, Livorno, Turin, Vercelli 33°C

Monza, Udine, Massa, Novara, Carrara, Vicenza, Como, La Spezia, Venice 32°C

Bergamo, Lecco, Aosta, Verbania, Bolzano 31°C

Cuneo, Imperia, Sondrio, Varese, Trento 30°C

Biella 29°C

Belluno 28°C


This value could be reached in Sicily.

1983 thing it happened

At the end of July and up to almost the entire first decade of August, Italy was hit by a tremendous heat wave. About 48 ° C were touched in Sardinia (the most affected by the heat). It was a terrifying heat wave, which also reached Northern Italy. There were various historical temperature records, which have been undefeated to date. In Sardinia there were many victims from the heat, and numerous deaths from fires.


It is the year that sanctioned the effects of climate change in Europe. A series of terrifying heat waves followed one another from May until the end of August of that year, with temperatures in many locations reaching record values. The heat wave of 2003 caused thousands and thousands of deaths in Europe and Italy.


Summer 2017 was quite variable, between the various heat waves there was also a cool phase, with snow at unusual altitudes in the Alpine region and snow sprinkles also occurred in the central Apennines.

But at the end of July and in the first ten days of August, hot air from the Sahara invaded Italy. In Italy there were very high temperatures for days and days, with values ​​over 40 ° C, and peaks of over 45 ° C in various urban centers.

The heat kills

According to numerous studies, heat kills more than cold, particularly heat waves. For the cold we are usually protected by housing and clothing in our latitudes. We are extremely vulnerable to heat waves.

Extreme temperatures, persisting for days, overheat domestic work environments, and even if doors and windows are not opened in the hottest hours, the heat remains trapped, and increases day after day, making life truly hard. To solve the problem it is necessary to provide air conditioning of the rooms.

Heat waves also in August

We are in a strong heat wave, but there are others in prospect in August, here are the extremes until the 13th of next month:

Fortress of Neto 45.9°C

Lentini 45.5°C

New Chain 44.6°C

Catania, Palagonia 44.3°C

Scordia 44.2°C

Paternò, Santa Severina 44°C

Casabona 43.9°C

San Mauro Marchesato 43.7°C

Marcedusa, Melissa 43.6°C

Ramacca 43.4°C

Motta Sant’Anastasia, Raddusa 43.3°C

Bernalda, Roccabernarda, Scandale 43.2°C

Scanzano Jonico 43°C

Bitetto, Bolognetta, Carlentini, Cutro, Grumo Appula 42.9°C

Bari-San Paolo, Francofonte, Palo del Colle 42.8°C

Bari-Carbonara, Belvedere of Spinello, Binetto, Ginosa, Modugno 42.7°C

Bompensiere, Botricello, Misilmeri, Misterbianco, Monteiasi, Tarsia 42.6°C

Aci Castello 42.5°C

Cosenza, Trebisacce 42.4°C

Campofranco, Crosia, Gaggi, Galatro, Pietrapaola, Policoro, Sellia Marina, Tursi 42.3°C

Antillo 42.2°C

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