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Novitec has developed an ad hoc kit to make the Ferrari SF90 Stradale even more powerful and faster. All the details

(Novitec media press)

News from the specialist company Novitec which developed a new kit for the Ferrari SF90 Street. The package includes a number of changes to increase the performance of the supercar of the House of Maranello, but also some aesthetic options to customize it as desired, such as the 72 colors available for the wheels. The tuning it is designed for both the standard model and the one under construction by Assetto Fiorano.

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the details of the Novitec tuning

(Novitec media press)

As standard, the SF90 Street it is equipped with a 1,000 hp hybrid engine. However, while leaving the engine unchanged, with the Novitec kit the Rossa is able to deliver an output of 1,033 hp.

This increase is justified by a new one exhaust system which includes metal catalysts with 100 cells and terminals in 112 mm stainless steel coated in carbon fiber. Furthermore, the same exhaust can be requested in two variants: in Inconel, an ultra-light material derived from Formula 1, or, alternatively, gold plated. To be added, there are also new suspensions that lower the trim of the model, thus ensuring better efficiency aerodynamics of the car.

Therefore, all of these changes also allow an increase in performance for the SF90, which thanks to this kit is capable of accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.5 seconds and exceed 340 km / h of full speed.

The tuning Novitec finally, it includes some customizable options for the passenger compartment, such as leather and Alcantara for the interior upholstery, to be chosen from the wide variety of colors made available by the company, to match the “total black” look of the livery.


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