Ida Platano, dedication of love after Men and Women: happy more than ever

Ida Platano was unable to restrain herself and in a moment of extreme sweetness she brought out all her love! A special dedication that left the followers of the beautiful influencer really enthusiastic, seeing her so happy for this relationship filled the hearts of thousands of fans with joy.

Ida Platano, dedicates it speciale

Ida Platano, the sexy lady of the female parterre of Men and women is one of the influence most loved of the moment. Her sweetness and purity of purpose have consecrated her as one of the most true and sincere women who have ever been seated in the ranks of the Trono Over.

Everyone remembers her love affair with Riccardo Guarnieri, the birth of the dream and then the sad epilogue of their relationship. Ida has never hidden the profound malaise that struck her following the break with hers ex boyfriend, has always spoken with an open heart with his fans, sharing the suffering and the extremely delicate period he was going through.

Men and women, to whom is the dedication of the influencer addressed?

But, in every phase, from the darkest to the most serene, there has always been her great friend next to her, known thanks to Men and Women, Gemma Galgani! Ida e Gemma they met in the dating show’s studios Maria De Filippi and they immediately found a strong harmony.

Months after the end of the program, Ida and Gemma they are still very close and beautiful influence she wanted to remember the great affection that binds her to her friend! Ida recently dedicated some beautiful words to Lady Galgani!

“My friend, I love you so much”– Ida said to her dearest Gemma Galgani! The comments of the followers arrived very fast and, in no time at all, Ida’s stories were re-shared by many pages of gossip, their friendship is something special!

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Even though they both haven’t met love within the dating show, they found a great friendship, a deep bond that no one can ever scratch!


Ida Platano dedication love Men Women happy

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