Downhill Italian Cup, the grand finale in Sestriere and Doganaccia

Downhill Italian Cup, the grand finale in Sestriere and Doganaccia
Downhill Italian Cup, the grand finale in Sestriere and Doganaccia

Piedmont and Tuscany host the last four races of the 2021 Italian Downhill Cup: here are the dates and the favorites

It started from Sestola, in the province of Modena, and Caldirola, in Piedmont, and will continue in Sestriere on the weekend of 7-8 August the 2021 Italian Downhill Cup, a four-race circuit that recorded important numbers from the first two stages. A return to the past, that of Sestriere, in a location that has already been the protagonist of exciting duels on the track in recent years, but so far absent from the panorama of national specialty races, which will be the prelude tolast Stand of the competition scheduled for 4 and 5 September a Doganaccia, on a track surrounded by the splendid Tuscan hills north of Pistoia.

Italian Cup 2021 in SESTRIERE

The iconic track that descends from the Fraiteve mountain has returned to shine thanks to the works of maintenance and modernization carried out in the last period, created with the aim of re-proposing in the race a circuit much loved by downhill enthusiasts. In a period in which taking refuge at over 2 thousand meters represents a relief from the hot summer days, those registered for the event will have the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views, a welcome in the hotels a stone’s throw from the paddock and the support of the Sport staff. Inside who organizes the event with the Federciclismo.

The program is rich and goes beyond the competition, starting from the week before the race: on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, for example, there are evenings with DJ sets and, for younger riders, there is the opportunity to participate starting from Sunday 1 August in the special camp held by two exceptional instructors, Andrea Gamenara and Alessandro Levra, protagonists of the first two rounds of the Italian Cup.

2021 Downhill Italian Cup in Doganaccia

On 4 and 5 September, however, the circuit will end in Doganaccia, in the race that will determine the overall winners of the national tournament. Between favorites Loris Vergier, champion at the junior downhill world championships in 2014, Fabien Barel, twice gold medal at the world championships, and Davide Palazzari, Italian champion in 2020, as well as Loris Revelli, Christoph Moser, Remi Thirion Veronika Widmann and Valentina Holl . This year, in addition to the individual prizes, the first “Beta Team Challenge” trophy will also be awarded to the team with the highest score on the average of the results of two of its drivers in each stage.

July 30 – 09:34



Downhill Italian Cup grand finale Sestriere Doganaccia

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