Olympics, archery, Lucilla Boari in the quarterfinals

Olympics, archery, Lucilla Boari in the quarterfinals
Olympics, archery, Lucilla Boari in the quarterfinals

The 24-year-old, at the second Olympics, is the only Italian left in the race on the day that awards the medals. Now it’s the Chinese Wu: “I want to continue like this, even if I’m already happy with what I’ve done”

It takes a head to do like Lucilla Boari. Lots of head. She is in the quarter-finals of the women’s archery tournament due to her willpower, which allowed her to close with three 10s, the maximum possible, the match against Belarusian Hanna Marusova. “Yesterday they told me that in the last arrows my heart rate increased, I think today it has skyrocketed – he says with a smile in the mixed zone of Yumenoshima Archery Park -. But the main thing was your head: you have to stay there, you have to cling to the match with everything you have ”. The head is also the quality he plans to use at 8.30 am in Italy, in the match against the Chinese Wu Jaixin, which is worth a place in the semifinals.

The race

Boari, 24 years old at the second Olympics, is the only blue left in the race on the day that awards the medals. To do this, he also had to win a derby in the round of 32 against his teammate Chiara Rebagliati yesterday. He had come back from under 4-0, and again in comeback he beat Marusova, with a wonderful ending. Boari had lost the first set, had recovered in the second, but had again lost the third and divided the points in the fourth with the opponent, who was unable to hit the 10 that would have served her to close the match. With his back to the wall, Boari brought out his character and class. His fifth set was almost perfect, opened with a 9 and continued with two 10s that not only put pressure on the opponent, but also gave the blue the playoff. Where she was once again fantastic: she went first on the firing line, she slipped a 10 to 33 millimeters from the center of the target. “There were so many things that went through my head – he says -. There are no fans here, but in my head there were a lot of people talking. I told myself I didn’t have to listen to them, that I just had to focus and pull. So I did ”. What came out is a masterpiece that sent her to the quarters. “I am very satisfied – she says beaming, first in English and then in Italian -. I started again at a disadvantage, but it was nice to win on a comeback: it makes me think positively about what comes next ”.

The quarters

Boari has already improved the 33rd place in Rio, but he doesn’t want to stop. “I want to continue like this, even if I am happy with what I have done so far – he says -. I have faith, I will face it as I face every match, trying to do my best and sure that if I do I will be able to accept any result. For sure I will need the same head I had in the second round ”. The Chinese Wu, Boari’s next opponent, is in the second Olympics: in Rio she closed sixth. The 24-year-old dominated 7-1 in the round of 16 against the Japanese Miki Nakamura, one of the surprises of the tournament since in the round of 32 she had eliminated the Korean Jang, seeded number 2. It will be a new challenge. One that Boari will do anything to win.

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Olympics archery Lucilla Boari quarterfinals

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