the Cila will be enough to start the works. How does it work

the Cila will be enough to start the works. How does it work
the Cila will be enough to start the works. How does it work

Too many constraints and obstacles to access the Superbonus 110%. The usual bureaucracy risks holding back a powerful incentive for the economy, as well as help on the road to energy efficiency in the country and certain help for families – given that the recognized expenses are borne by the state. They do not tell the data of Nomisma which speak of over 9 million families who have renounced and only 20% of the amount of 18 billion allocated by the government has been spent. Yet an ongoing correction, albeit not exhaustive, should arrive from now on thanks to the Simplifications decree just approved definitively by the Senate. A single form arrives, valid throughout Italy, for the communication of the start of work.

Tax bills, the squeeze on chronic arrears: just easy installments

Superbonus 110%, the single module arrives

The declared objective of the PA ministry is to “ensure maximum operation and uniform application of simplifications throughout the national territory”. The form serves to present to the Municipality the communication of the works for the Superbonus (CILA-Superbonus), valid throughout the national territory.


For all the works foreseen by the Superbonus, with the exception of those consisting in the demolition and reconstruction of a building, it will be sufficient to send to the municipality an ad hoc communication form for the start of works (in technical jargon Cila) sworn by a qualified technician, without the ‘certificate of legitimate status, which represented a real obstacle to the start of the works. Not only did it require documentation on the urban regularity of both the building and the individual housing units, but it was very difficult to obtain especially for older buildings because finding the original documentation in the municipal offices is not easy. THE FORMS The technician in charge of drafting the Cila will simply have to indicate the details of the qualification under which the property was able to be built, if the building took place starting from 1 September 1967, the date of entry into force of the law 765/67 which introduced the obligation of the building permit throughout the national territory. If the building is prior to 1 September 1967 it will be enough to report it. The works can be described briefly without attaching prospectuses and in the case of changes made during construction, it will also be sufficient to communicate them at the end of the work.


The single document is valid for all interventions that fall under the Superbonus, including those concerning structural parts of the buildings and the elevations, which can be carried out with a simple communication to the Municipality, certified by the technician (Cila- Superbonus): the approved rules thus thin out the excess of bureaucratic requirements that have hitherto held back access to the measure, especially by condominiums. Excluded from the simplification are only the interventions involving the demolition and reconstruction of buildings. Maximum simplification also for interventions in free construction, for which a simple description will suffice. It will not even be necessary to present usability, given that the interventions provided for by the Superbonus improve energy efficiency and anti-seismic efficiency.



Cila start works work

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