Young actors from all over Italy learn the trade by playing Alfieri

Young actors from all over Italy learn the trade by playing Alfieri
Young actors from all over Italy learn the trade by playing Alfieri

A tragedy, a complicated, controversial man, captivating in his characters, never banal, always current. Vittorio Alfieri continues to be loved by young artists who try their hand at his works. The training project continues “Vittorio Alfieri and the Actor”, created by the Gabriele Accomazzo Foundation for the Theater, which, after a careful selection, gives the opportunity to some actors (between 18 and 35 years old) from all over Italy, to participate for a week in an intensive seminar.

The days, marked by theoretical lessons and an impressive practical part, were held in Asti and Saturday 31 August is the last day.

Teachers the actors Marco Viecca and Valentina Veratrini, with Carla Forno, president of the Centro Studi Alfieriani. The seminar, free for participants, was hosted in Astiss, Palazzo Alfieri and the Teatro della Torretta. The actors are immersed in the universe of Alfieri, a great protagonist of his time, even if he is rebellious and hostile to his contemporary reality.

The participants of the seminar worked to discover the tragedy of Asti and, at the same time, in search of themselves to reach the maximum of theatrical performance, with a focus on the tragedy «Filippo».

I’m: Aisling Lenses by Vercelli; Andrea Madaro (Turin); Cosimo Pesci (Florence); Cristian Masi (Altamura – Bari); Debora Palmieri (Angera – Varese); Jessica Sedda (San Giorgio Bigarello – Mantua); Martina Cassenti (Altafonte – Palermo); Virginia Risso (Ciriè – To); Mirco Tosches, Fabio Tarditi and Niccolò Cappello from Turin.

At the end of the seminar, Fr.they will participate in the ninth edition of the theatrical competition dedicated to Gabriele Accomazzo, an actor who tragically passed away in 2006.

Saturday 28 August from 4 pm in Castelnuovo Don Bosco, in the church of San Bartolomeo, as part of the theatrical festival “Just be young for me to love you very much”, they will present an Alfieri monologue in front of the public and a jury of experts. The three winners will receive scholarships of 1000, 500 and 300 euros, offered by the Accomazzo family. The young people worked on the Alfieri verse studying the tables by Morrocchesi, centered on the gestures of the body, with Valentina Veratrini. The actor has to put his emotions aside and dominate the stage. And bringing Vittorio Alfieri to the stage is a great exercise. It means measuring oneself with human nature and its many facets.

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