for Italy there is China

for Italy there is China
for Italy there is China

TOKYO (JAPAN) – Having mathematically gained access to the quarter-finals, the blue are projected on the next challenge of the Olympic tournament that will see them take the field tomorrow against the Olympic champions of China (at 14.45 Italian; 21.45 local) true and unexpected disappointment of this edition. Davide Mazzanti’s girls have so far conducted an excellent tournament showing good things and confirming themselves as one of the best teams of the event, but now it will be important to continue on this path to obtain the best possible placement in the standings in view of the pairings of phase a direct elimination. Returning to tomorrow’s match, there are 80 precedents between the two teams with 30 Italian and 50 Chinese victories; only one precedent instead at the Olympic Games with a defeat of the Italian national team in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.


Pool B: Italy – Argentina 3-0 (25-21, 25-16, 25-15)
Pool A: South Korea – Rep. Dominicana 3-2 (25-20 17-25 25-18 15-25 15-12)
Pool A: Serbia – Kenya 3-0 (25-21 25-11 25-20)
Pool B: China – Roc 2-3 (17-25 25-23 25-20 25-27, 12-15)
Pool A: Japan 0-3 Brazil (16-25 18-25 24-26)
Pool B: USA 3-2 Turkey (25-19 25-20 17-25 20-25 15-12)


Pool A: Dominican Republic – Kenya 2 hours
Pool B: USA – ROC ore 4.05
Pool B: Argentina – Turkey 7.20
Pool A: Serbia – Brazil 9.25 am
Pool A: Japan – South Korea 12.40
Pool B: China – Italy 2.45 pm


Pool A: Serbia 3v (9p), Brazil 3v (8), South Korea 2v (5p), Japan 1v (3p), Rep. Dominica 0v (2p), Kenya 0v.

Pool B: Italy 3v (9p), USA 3v (8p), ROC 2v (5p), Turkey 1v (4p), China 0v (1p), Argentina 0v.

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