Quarrel between Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini: Alba Parietti also intervenes

Quarrel between Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini: Alba Parietti also intervenes
Quarrel between Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini: Alba Parietti also intervenes

What between Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini relations were no longer as close as they had just left the house of GF VIP it was now evident to everyone. For a few days, however, a real quarrel has been unleashed between the two through social media in which neither of the interested parties expressly mentions the other, but in which it is clear who is the recipient of the outbursts.

It all started when Zorzi published stories in which he did a survey asking his followers what action they would have taken if they had been prime minister.

A friend of Oppini’s commented by writing: “But the laws do not approve the Parliament and the Senate? I ask for a friend… ”, sentence to which the winner of the GF VIP he replied angrily: “If you ask for a friend, your friend can ask me directly. Dearest things to you and your family ”, alluding to Francis.

Hours later Oppini’s friend specified that his was just an ironic comment and that the phrase “I ask for a friend” is a funny saying used by everyone. On the net, many argue that in reality what annoyed Tommaso may have been an old home video in which Francesco Oppini joked with friends using terms that are now widely recognized as homophobic.

Hence the further reply of Tommaso Zorzi: “I believe that after the recent outings of little taste and the carnivals this evening, everyone can kindly continue on their own way”.

In the controversy, however, it was also inserted Alba Parietti, who understandably took his son’s defense by publishing a post on Instagram which reads: “Raging against the weaknesses of the mistakes of others and against the people who have loved each other means betraying oneself – he wrote referring to Zorzi – It means failing as human beings . Words hurt how you use them, in the context you use them. They don’t always have the same meaning. They can be in bad taste, but not necessarily said with the intent to hurt. But using the weaknesses, confidences or slips of a friend to destroy him, to affirm oneself is an irremediable offense against oneself. Betraying or attacking a friend means never having believed in the deeper feeling that friendship entails. That is, mutual support ”.

A few hours later, Francesco Oppini himself intervened to set the record straight, at least regarding the video that had circulated on social media: “I find it surreal to decontextualize and make cutters that, although unhappy, have been written more than 8 years old ago and among other things in a goliardic context.
In the meantime, both our language and the society we live in have evolved and these words, which I repeat to be wrong, are no longer part of our jargon.
I suggest to those who have dedicated themselves to this painstaking research, with the sole purpose of hurting me and damaging my image, to go and find even more recent posts (see last 5 years) in which I openly take a stand in favor of the LGBTQ + community “.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make a phone call to clarify each one’s position?

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