The parties rejoice: goodbye to Bonafede. But Letta ends up under accusation for helping the M5s

The parties rejoice: goodbye to Bonafede. But Letta ends up under accusation for helping the M5s
The parties rejoice: goodbye to Bonafede. But Letta ends up under accusation for helping the M5s

In the end, thanks also to a very helpful Pd that aligns itself with the Five Stars, the Cartabia reform loses a few small pieces and the trials for some crimes return (on paper) to lengthen.

“There have been some adjustments – explains the Minister of Justice – with a transitional rule that gradually leads to the terms that have been given, and which remain fixed; and with a particular regime for social alarm crimes such as mafia and terrorism ». Thanks to this umpteenth corrective, purely aesthetic, “all the majority parties will withdraw the amendments”, the text will go to the House on Sunday and will be approved with confidence.

It is the result (albeit only a façade) that Conte, Toninelli and Bonafede begged to be able to wave, to fold and give the green light to a text that however cancels the uncivil counter-reform of the prescription passed by the previous government “The match is over, M5s he lost it and the Bonafede goes to the pulp “, underline Iv, while Renzi rages:” The dearly departed is the Bonafede, she is gone from tonight “. After a day of madness by the grillini and the majority, which blocked the Council of Ministers for hours and hours with the 5S members who threatened to abstain, the news of the agreement arrived in the evening: “Unanimous vote in the CDM”, exults the Minister 5Stelle D’Incà, I forget that the vote (including yours) on the original text of the reform and also that on trust in the same text was also unanimous.

“What put Draghi and Cartabia in difficulty and slowed down the reform was”, a member of the Democratic Party blurts out, “the politically wrong choice of Enrico Letta to give support to Conte, to try to strengthen his hesitant leadership on the party, asking to to further change a text already closed, with the yes of the grillini, and already the result of an exhausting mediation ». So the dem, instead of assuming the role of central force in support of the Draghi reforms, have reopened the Pandora’s box of a delaying negotiation, putting themselves in tow of the grillino forcaiolismo and also offering Lega and Forza Italia the excuse to ask for new changes and to enter, as Matteo Salvini quickly did, the role of mediators. Even if in the evening the dem try to steal the stage from him, leaking that it would have been the Ministers of Labor Orlando and of Culture Franceschini, together with the Dalemian owner of the Sanità Speranza, to weave the papocchio who had to keep good Conte and Bonafede, and force them to swallowing goodbye to their “end trial never” totem.

The reopening of the negotiation, endorsed by the Nazarene, however, entailed the risk of sending the majority into a tailspin and blowing up all the times (true original objective of the Five Stars) of an essential reform, also because the funds of the PNRR are linked to it. . “I believe that Letta, moved by the urgency of safeguarding the political alliance with the Grillini, did not understand the dangers of such a move,” adds the important DEM executive. But there is another factor of no small importance, according to what more than one whispers in the majority and in the Democratic Party itself, which has facilitated the further smoothing of the justice reform: the great caution with which the Colle, alarmed by the noisy revolt of the prosecutor of assault and of the CSM itself in defense of the status quo, spoke out on the issue.

At the end of the game, however, the Five stars try to sing victory but their hands are tied: they will have to vote on the text that buries the Bonafede law, and they will discount the dissociation of the diehards in the vote, aware that it is a defeat. “The clash – notes the president of the Criminal Chambers Giandomenico Caiazza – was consummated around rules of a purely symbolic nature: everyone knows that the trials for the Mafia are the only ones that close quickly”. For the minister of Fi Gelmini “the enormous effort of M5s to say yes is the demonstration that it is a guarantee reform”. The 5Stelle “are in mourning for Bonafede, nothing but victory”, commented by the League. “The end of the sentence mai grillino is closed, with the favorable vote of M5s”, says Enrico Costa of Action. And even the dem Andrea Orlando underlines: “We have overcome the unreasonable Bonafede reform”.

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