the immunized without Qr code

the immunized without Qr code
the immunized without Qr code

Waiting for the decree that introduces the list of places where the Green pass will be essential, those who have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid these days are struggling with codes that struggle to arrive and applications that do not recognize some data. Yesterday morning at 7, as reported by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, responding to the Question time in the Senate, “41.3 million Green passes were downloaded. A significant fact and a digital turning point for the country “.

But there are still many people who are unable to obtain it. For technical assistance you can call 800912491 (from 8 to 20) or write to [email protected] For information, however, there is the utility number 1500 (active 24 hours a day). But after the requests for help and a long time waiting, in the end it turns out that behind the delays and hitches the problem is often the same: either some data is missing, or it is entered incorrectly. And so the ball then passes to the family doctors.

Healed and vaccinated with one dose

Getting covid certified is not easy. “If we did the certificate of isolation and healing – explains Pina Onotri, general secretary of the Italian doctors’ union – to overcome the problem we insert the data on the system and so it is possible to download the Green pass”. For patients who have been hospitalized and isolation has been decided instead by the hygiene and public health services, if the certification cannot be obtained, it means that the data has not been entered. «In this case – adds Onotri – the family doctors take care to insert all the data from scratch. If the system crashes because it reports inconsistencies, it often means that the data entered is incorrect ».

Second dose taken outside the region

If the vaccination cycle is completed in another region, it is necessary to take into account the need to communicate the data of the second dose of the vaccine to the local ASL of residence. In fact, the Regions often do not share this type of information. “But it can also happen that there is a misalignment of the platforms that do not communicate with each other even within the same region – specifies Onotri – For example, we have entered the data of recovered patients on the Lazio Advice platforms, but given that the platforms do not they interface with the health card system, even in this case we have to do the insertion again ».

Healed abroad and foreigners vaccinated in Italy

Same procedure for those who have fallen ill abroad and have a certificate of recovery issued in another country. “Also in this case – underlines Onotri – I had to insert the first positive and negative buffer and that of the validity of the passport”. Then there is the question of foreign people who have numerical tax codes. “If you give these people the vaccine and then try to register it, the platform doesn’t recognize the code. And therefore we only have to issue a certificate of successful administration ».

I vaccinated with Sputnik and Reithera

Then there are the so-called special cases, of people vaccinated for example abroad with Sputnik, not authorized by Ema, and they don’t know how to get the Green pass. In the coming days, the government is expected to establish the modalities. The simplest hypothesis that is being evaluated, as the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri explained, “is to recognize Sputnik as the vaccines included in the WHO list, and then proceed to issue the Green pass to those who are been immunized with this vaccine ‘. In addition, the volunteers who participated in the testing of the Reithera vaccine are waiting for the Green Pass. Also in this case, we are thinking of granting the certification but only after verifying the presence of the antibodies.


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