Bravo Michetti, leave them alone to fight. Rome Capital does not deserve fights – Time

Bravo Michetti, leave them alone to fight. Rome Capital does not deserve fights – Time
Bravo Michetti, leave them alone to fight. Rome Capital does not deserve fights – Time

Francesco Storace

July 30, 2021

But is it really necessary to fight in order to govern Rome? Should the fratricidal confrontation on the left overshadow the debate on the city? Enrico Michetti did a thousand times right to escape the indecent brawl yesterday afternoon between three politicians of very old fashion, who make insult and denigration of the adversary their flag. Of course in the second round Virginia Raggi, Roberto Gualtieri and Carlo Calenda could find themselves on the same front against Michetti; but it will not be easy to make us forget the blows that have begun to give each other in the first confrontation between the candidates for mayor of Rome.

Other than Michetti who? The center-right standard bearer does well to stay away from the debate on a city to be rebuilt if the foundations of the discussion are screams and noises. It seemed unbelievable: Gualtieri mumbled, Calenda spoke to him in his voice, Rays slipped like in an old record player. Worthy of a gentleman to leave the scene of Michetti, really foreign to this type of politics.

If you continue like this, you understand why grillism won five years ago. But we have all paid for those tones with as many years of administrative disasters. And in the comments after the debate, the assault on Michetti is not accidental. They reproach him for content that he was unable to express in the face of the vulgarity of the giggles, of the artificial yawns, of the champions of the rudeness with which he was called to face. And a tweet from one of Gualtieri’s challengers in the primaries of the Democratic Party, Tobia Zevi, says a lot about the climate: «If Enrico Michetti wins, I will take up residence in Trevignano Romano, a beloved town that has always hosted my summers. Precisely in the sense of going to live there, on the lake ». But democracy is in the seat. But if they don’t win, it’s not worth it. They emigrate.

Yes, Michetti will do well to leave them alone to argue and think about Rome, even with its imperial history which is not a detail for a city that must survive as well, if not above all, in culture and tourism. In front of him he will have a mayor who by now always intones the refrain “it depends on the Region” and whoever then wonders what the mayor is up to. Or, those two, Calenda and Gualtieri, who give each other a good reason every time they meet.

Yes, Michetti is a strange candidate, who brings a dramatic simplicity to the liturgies of political politics, that of normal people who want to restore dignity to the capital of Italy.

Buses catching fire. Wild boars feasting on the street. Garbage scattered all over the place. Roma camps everywhere. This is the Rome of the three fighting over a handful of left-wing votes. Obviously they can’t stand the alternative to all of them.

They believe they are superior because they no longer speak to the people. It is a three-sided elite left that must continue to fight before and after the election campaign. But Rome cannot pay for their extravagance yet.

Michetti wants to simplify. They complicate everything. And the key is right here.

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