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A bolt from the blue shakes the national cycling team during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Davide Cassani, road coach, has already taken a plane to return home to Italy! All this when the track cycling races have yet to start, where Filippo Ganna and Elia Viviani will also be involved. According to when reports, there are rumors of a probable exemption, to be confirmed in the next few hours.

That the 60-year-old was not in the plans of the new federal president Cordiano Dagnoni had been clear for months. Under the presidency of Renato Di Rocco, the Romagna rider held the position of general coordinator of all the national teams. THEHowever, the change in the federal top has produced a real downgrade, because the former RaiSport technical commentator found himself ‘simply’ the technical commissioner of the Italian road team, while Roberto Amadio was appointed team manager of all the national teams (in fact the role that Cassani himself covered …) .

Dagnoni, on the other hand, had never hidden that he had confirmed the technicians in view of the Olympics, but letting it clear clearly that revolutions would be expected from September. Apparently, the new president may have accelerated the times following a deficit of the Olympic road tests. Italy has never been in the running for a medal in the online race, even if the feeling is that no blue was really able to aspire to a prestigious result, as indeed often happens even in the classics with challenging altimetric profiles. ; Furthermore, Filippo Ganna, as world champion, did not get on the podium of the time trial, penalized by a path that was too hard for his characteristics.

In short, it is no surprise that the trust in Cassani was for the time and destined to run out after the Tokyo Games. It is not a case that for months there has been talk of Giuseppe Martinelli as a candidate for the role of technical commissioner for the road sector, but among the names also circulates with insistence that of Gianni Bugno. We will know more in the next few hours, but certainly such a reversal in the middle of the Olympics cannot do any good for the tranquility of the Azzurri (Ganna and Elia Viviani are very close to Cassani) in view of the crucial track races.

Photo: Pier Colombo

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