“Disloyalty and lies from Paolo Storari” – Corriere.it

“Disloyalty and lies from Paolo Storari” – Corriere.it
“Disloyalty and lies from Paolo Storari” – Corriere.it

“Lies, slanders and defamations”: for the Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco the “serious and unfounded” accusations of having slowed down the investigation into the alleged secret association Hungary brought against him and some of the heads of the office by the substitute Paolo Storari. In an email to the prosecutors on the eve of today’s hearing of the CSM on the request of the Pg of the Cassation Giovanni Salvi to transfer Storari for disciplinary reasons, Greco breaks the “rigorous institutional secrecy”, turns the blame on his accuser and proudly claims the results of a Public Prosecutor “a point of reference in Italy and abroad, for professionalism, efficiency and capacity for innovation”.

Greco begins by defining “Serious” the story of the minutes in which the former external lawyer of Eni Piero Amara spoke smoky about the lodge Hungary delivered by Storari – which is also in front of the CSM – to the then councilor of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo and then arrived anonymously to two newspapers. “I have inspired my entire professional life to respect the presumption of innocence and defense strategies and I will not fail you in this circumstance”, he said. accuse Storari of having violated the “most elementary principles of loyalty” not refraining from investigating the anonymous reports received from newspapers, but continuing to work with the adjunct Laura Pedio, who like Greco himself was unaware of his accusations of inaction, even after he had delivered the minutes to Davigo for, at his say, protect yourself from the alleged inertia of colleagues. “These unfounded accusations against me have been denied in the competent offices by a precise and documented reconstruction of the facts», Writes the Prosecutor referring to the report he sent to Salvi on 7 May.

Calumnies that he has already denounced and that will be denounced again, he assures by pointing the finger at public officials who had the duty to report to the judiciary the violation of the secrecy of the minutes, but would not have done so. Davigo stated that he had given them to CSM vice president David Ermini and to director Giuseppe Marra. Another councilor, Nino Di Matteo, had received them anonymously. On the document in which 60 pm and 170 district magistrates sign that they have no serenity problems working with Storari, Greco’s judgment is severe: if “human solidarity” is understandable, it is not a “stance” which can be read as “an intervention aimed at conditioning” the disciplinary procedure of the CSM, which just yesterday by a majority made “remarks” on the 2017-2019 organization of the office presented by Greco years ago. At the end of November Francesco Greco will retire after a very high level career carried out entirely in Milan among proceedings that have made Italian judicial history and in which, he assures, he never renounced the “open and fair discussion” with his colleagues.

«I am proud to have been part of the great history of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office“That” we have built all together, the magistrates who have succeeded each other in this office over the years and you who will continue to contribute to the reaffirmation of legality always look to the challenges of the future “, he concludes, wishing” good work to all of us “

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Disloyalty lies Paolo Storari Corriereit

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